Batman Begins: Reality, not CGI

Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to Batman Begins? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have. The more news that comes out on this the better it sounds. BTW, the image on the left is the international poster for the film. It's not much to look at in the thumbnail, but is VERY cool in the larger version. Click on it to see.

I read this little tidbit on (no I don't visit that site regularly, I found it via Comics2Film). Chris Nolan shied away from green screening everything and took the production to exotic locations to get that "real" feel.

In an interview with Empire magazine he stated:

"For a film of this size, we probably have the record for the fewest CG shots."

"People said we should do a digital batmobile. We said, 'F*** that, we'll build it for real.'

"The car is pretty amazing. You've just gotta step yourself in and watch it for yourself."

Man... how bloody refreshing (and appropriate for a gritty Batman film) is that?

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