Batman Begins Hype Burnout

If you're wondering why I haven't had any Batman Begins news in the past 10 days, it's because frankly, I'm burnt out on it.

Of course I'm still looking forward to seeing it... "Begins" is actually the movie I'm looking forward to most this summer.

What's getting to me is the pre-release promotional hype associated with this film. It's approaching the level of Star Wars promotional hype and really, it's starting to seem desperate. It's like Warner Brothers realizes how totally and completely they screwed up this franchise and is saying "Please, please, PLEASE come see our movie!!!"

They realize how they've been missing the superhero movie boat for the last few years while it's been hot, hot, hot and their only contribution has been... Catwoman.

I mean I've lost count of the number of posters they've put out for Batman Begins, as I have for the number of trailers/teaser/commercials. This is serious hype overload, and I'm done.

I'm just going to sit back, wait for the movie to come out, go see it and hope that it's as good as I've been saying it will be.

That is all.

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