Batman Begins Batsuit Appears In The Dark Knight

I'm a comic book and Star Trek geek at heart, so I often get caught up in the details when it comes to movies. I know there's been a lot of debate regarding the new Batsuit designed for the upcoming sequel The Dark Knight. Some people like the functional/samurai look of it (including me) while others think the suit from Batman Begins is at least somewhat closer to the concept of the comic books.

A bunch of images appeared online late today from the movie, originally announced by which showed one or two and linked to the Flickr page containing a bunch more. I had a look at them and some were spoilerish. I'm not going to post them because "Rope" has already pulled them down as has JoBlo, so I'm not going to bother since I don't want to hear from Warner Bros. legal department. :-)

One thing I noticed was that in at least one image, Batman is still wearing the costume from Begins. The images above showing the two suits are both from The Dark Knight.

This is very good news in my opinion - in every other Batman movie up until Begins a new suit has popped up with no explanation given as to why, say, Batman felt the need for artificial nipples on a costume that is supposed to strike terror into criminals (but I digress...). This means that we get to see the transition from one costume to the next complete with an explanation of why he's making the change.

So fans of the first costume will at least get to see it on screen again and may even be placated by whatever reason Bruce Wayne gives for updating to a different design.


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