Be the Batman & Visit the Batcave in New Skyrim Mod

Thanks to a new Skyrim mod, you can now play as Batman and visit the Batcave in the much-loved Elder Scrolls game. This unofficial fan-made mod offers a fun alternative to The Telltale Series, Batman’s latest official video game, which has now added Harley Quinn to its ranks for its second season of episodic adventures.

This, of course, isn’t the first time that a pop culture icon has been added to Skyrim: a couple of months ago, Link from The Legend Of Zelda was announced as a special addition for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Also, it’s well documented that Skyrim is full of fun Easter eggs and that the game has numerous little-known features, which add extra levels of enjoyment for dedicated gamers.

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Now comes the Batman mod, which might just be the coolest fan-made feature to ever grace the epic open world of Skyrim. TuffMcKagen is the user that created the mod – which goes by the name The Batman in Skyrim - and you can clap eyes on it now. TuffMcKagen has shared a few teasing sentences about the mod, along with some cool images:

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"An urban legend haunts Tamriel; all of the holds... the townsfolk whisper of him... of it. A shadow haunts the night, predating on the superstitious, the cowardly. Is it a Nightingale? No, people have reported Nightingales have fallen to its might. A Daedra? Can't be-- it banishes them when it confronts them. Is it an Assassin? One can be skeptical-- no one in the Dark Brotherhood knows of anyone like the rumors speak of. Then who?"

As TuffMcKagen goes on to explain, “the player gets a new home, called Vaynius Manor (lore-friendly version of Wayne Manor)”, which comes complete with a Batcave and a new set of armor – the Batsuit. Additionally, there is an NPC version of Alfred Pennyworth to interact with. And to add an extra level of cool, there is also a Bane-like villain to fight. “You'll find him rampaging (literally) in Markarth”, TuffMcKagen teases. “Stop him before he kills anybody!!”

It’s incredibly fun to see Batman reimagined in the Skyrim style. The glowing Bat-horse is a fitting replacement for the iconic Batmobile, giving this version of DC's Dark Knight a period sheen akin to the Gotham By Gaslight comic books. The only downside, really, is that the mod is currently only available on the PC version of Skyrim. If you’ve got the PC version, you can download the mod via Nexus Mods now.

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Source: Nexus Mods [via Comic Book]

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