Batman: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Bat-Suit

Batman has always been the type of character who can adapt to any situation. He is an expert fighter, tactician, and detective who can seem to overcome any obstacle. However, he’s also known for his many gadgets and advanced technologies that are as deadly as they are sure to have “Bat” in front of their name.

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With many suits, there are also several different functions for each of them. While some - George Clooney’s heat suit - are a bit more ridiculous; others, like Ben Affleck’s, are much more practical. Here is our list of 10 things you never knew about Batman’s suit.

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10 His Utility Belt Has Evolved Through the Years

Though this may be obvious, Batman’s utility belt has undergone some significant changes over the years. In the comics, it has gone from things resembling a cumberbund, to having explosive cylinders, to pouches, and back. From a cinematic standpoint, Batman’s belt typically has pouches. Keaton’s belts are the main exception, focusing on the cylindrical design common in the 70’s comics.

Kilmer and Clooney's belts seemed to offer almost no practical function, focusing more on appearance. On the other hand though; Adam West, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck all donned utility belts with pouches, making for a more militaristic design.

9 His Belt is the Most Heavily Armed Part of His Suit

While this may again seem more obvious, many people don’t realize just how much Batman can pack into his belt. During the first arc of Detective Comics Rebirth, Batman is captured and some henchmen are going through his belt.

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At one point, the two guards have 42 items sprawled out on the table and one of them notes that they’ve likely covered only 30% of the belt. This means that Batman carries at least 120 items on him at all times, within his belt alone. This emphasizes just how prepared Batman is for any given situation.

8 His Suit is Linked to the Batcomputer

From his cowl, Batman has access to all the information stored in his several databases. Essentially, Batman can access any form of information from his cowl. In some scenarios, Alfred is behind the computer while in others, Batman simply requests information from his A.I., Brother Eye.

He uses the information to solve cases on the fly and this feature helps him keep one step ahead of the villains. The rest of the Batfamily also has access to this information and are sometimes able to discuss it with Batman while he’s in the field.

7 He is Literally Armed to the Teeth

Though not really part of the suit itself, Batman as a person is always prepared. In some cases, Batman has been shown to have false teeth that he can use to get out of various situations. In the Detective Comics run mentioned earlier, Batman uses a tooth as a smoke bomb to provide cover while he escapes.

Batman is so prepared that he doesn’t even have to constantly utilize his utility belt. This just goes to show that even though Batman may rely on his gadgets, he is still just as useful and deadly without them.

6 He Has A Suit for Every Purpose

As seen in The Lego Batman Movie (2017), Batman has a variety of suits, each serving a different/specific purpose. While not as extravagant as some of those in the movie, Batman has designed suits to fight Superman, fly, protect him from extreme temperatures, and even battle Darkseid.

This is something that Ben Affleck’s version of the character took great advantage of. Throughout his 3 movies, Ben’s Batman managed to don 4 different Batsuits, each with their own purpose. With Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie fast approaching, fans will hopefully get to see several Batsuits once again.

5 His Ears Can Also Be Projectiles

While most people know that Batman’s cowl ears are equipped with advanced communication technology, most don’t know that they can also function as projectiles. During Paul Cornell’s run on Batman and Robin, Batman fired the ears of his cowl into his opponents head.

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While this left him with significantly shorter ears, it still disoriented his opponent enough to deliver the finishing blow. Though this function works best in close combat, it further emphasizes just how dangerous everything is on Batman’s suit and how Bruce has considered every piece of his costume carefully.

4 Detective Vision

Most people associate Batman’s “Detective Vision” with its heavy role in the Batman: Arkham video game series. However, this also plays a role in some of the comics and even the films to a degree. In the comics, Batman typically uses thermal vision, although he has a variety of other functions.

Recently, he can utilize “detective vision” in a very similar manner to the Arkham games. Furthermore, Christian Bale uses a very similar function in The Dark Knight (2008). As Batman is working his way up to the Joker, he uses a sort of echolocation to discover the location of Joker’s hostages. While not the most damaging function on the bat suit, this feature still can come in handy.

3 It Can Electrocute Others and Himself

At times, Batman’s suit has been shown to have a built-in shock feature to ward off anyone who may try to remove his mask. This definitely comes in handy as Batman gets knocked unconscious and prone quite often. However, this function can also apply to Bruce himself.

In extreme cases, the suit can act as a defibrillator. Typically activated by Alfred, the suit will deliver a powerful shock to restart Bruce’s heart. Although not a commonly used feature, it can still come in handy in desperate measures.

2 The Suit Monitors His Vitals

To coincide with the electric shock portion of the suit, Alfred can keep track of Bruce’s vitals and make adjustments and decisions accordingly. The suit also relays information on when it has been, punctured, breached, or compromised in any manner. Even though Batman can usually make his own adjustments to any injuries, it still comes in handy for Alfred to be ready to respond whenever necessary.

The suit makes Batman’s health more accessible and means that when he is in a crisis, Alfred can send assistance his way, even if Bruce is unconscious or unable to speak. This has saved Bruce’s life multiple times, including throughout Scott Snyder’s New 52 run.

1 The Suit Can Analyze Samples From A Crime Scene

Part of being the World’s Greatest Detective means that Batman can get the job done quickly and efficiently. In support of that, his suit even comes with a small kit that can analyze samples of all sorts. From there, the data is analyzed by the bat-computer and then sent back to Batman in seconds.

This helps him solve crimes faster and on the go. He can even share the results with Alfred and the rest of the Bat-family via their computer system. This is featured in multiple iterations of his suit, including the Batman: Telltale game series.

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