Batman: Every Version Of Bane, Ranked

Every Version Of Bane Ranked

Batman has a huge list of great villains that stands up against any other superhero in Marvel or DC. With names like Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and so many more, even the lesser used Batman villains are better than some main villains. However, there is one villain that did something that the others couldn't accomplish -- Bane actually broke The Bat.

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However, while Bane was a true monster and a devastating threat in the world of Batman comics, his portrayal in movies and TV shows have been very different. There have been some amazing portrayals of Bane on both the big and small screen, but there have also been some embarrassing moments. Here is a look at every version of Bane, ranked.

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Every Version Of Bane Ranked
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Every Version Of Bane Ranked

Sitting at the bottom of the list is a version of Bane that was a complete insult to the comic book character, and it is no surprise that he appeared in the most hated movie in the entire Batman movie franchise. Batman & Robin was overloaded with villains, and none of them were great. With Arnold Schwarzenegger hamming it up as Mr. Freeze, Uma Thurman sexing it up as Poison Ivy, and a lackluster version of Jason Woodrue, it was Bane that was most disappointing.

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Instead of being a dominating warrior capable of beating Batman, he was a comically enhanced bodyguard and henchman for Poison Ivy. A tiny criminal, he was blown up thanks to the Venom strength-enhancing drug, but didn't have a brain to do anything but follow Ivy around the entire movie.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies hit in 2009, an animated movie that took place in the DC timeframe where Lex Luthor became President of the United States. As he did in the comics, Luthor set his sights on disgracing Superman and in the movie actually put together a team of government employed superheroes who were eventually sent after Superman and Batman.

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Bane never spoke and only grunted in the movie, which made him more like the Batman & Robin version. In the movie, he tried to take the bounty to bring in Superman but Batman beat him rather quickly.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

Batman Ninja was an interesting release in 2018. An animated Japanese movie based on Batman, the movie sees Batman battling Gorilla Grodd at Arkham Asylum and end up getting displaced in time, sent back to Feudal Japan. Just like in his timeframe, he ends up battling versions of his enemies who were also displaced there, led by Joker.

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Catwoman explains that they were all sent there two years before Batman arrived in different forms. Bane, while looking amazing in his character design, was the most disappointing -- reinvented as a Sumo wrestler styled character that just yells constantly and is beaten rather quickly.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

Quite honestly, when it comes to Bane being a deadly warrior, the version from LEGO Batman Movie has to rank near the bottom of the list. However, for pure entertainment purposes, Bane -- like many characters in this animated LEGO movie -- is brilliantly portrayed. Comedian Doug Benson voices Bane in the movie and it is a mixture of Tom Hardy's Bane from Dark Knight Rises and the comic book version.

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Bane has some of the best lines of Batman's rogues in the movie, made even funnier thanks to the voice used by Benson. Bane supplies more comedy than anyone could believe in LEGO Batman Movie.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

Bane was in the critically acclaimed DC animated series Young Justice for an episode on its first season called "Drop Zone." This was actually the first ever official mission for the team after they convinced Batman and the Justice League that they deserved a shot as a team. They went to a rogue country and investigated a new drug called Venom.

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Of course, that alone told anyone in the know that Bane would be there and when they arrived they realized they were stuck in the middle of a war between Bane and the Cult of Kobra. Bane and Young Justice work together but as expected he turns on them and is quickly defeated by Superboy. Bonus points are added here though as the legendary Danny Trejo voices Bane.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

Released in 2012, Justice League: Doom was the sequel to Crisis on Two Earths and saw Vandal Savage deciding to start a new civilization by wiping out a large part of the existing civilization. He then hires other supervillains to help take out the Justice League -- one of these being Bane.

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What Bane does is almost unthinkably evil. He actually exhumes the bodies of Batman's parents -- Thomas and Martha Wayne -- and then waits at the graveyard disguised as a worker to attack Batman when he shows up. He then buries Batman alive in his parent's coffins. Batman ends up beating Bane in the final confrontation by cutting the Venom tube.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

While not as critically acclaimed as Batman: The Animated Series, the cartoon The Batman from the 2000s brought the Caped Crusader to kids on the WB, lasted for five seasons and won six Daytime Emmy Awards proving that it was still quality television and it even lured in some major stars to lend their voice talents to the characters.

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Unlike other appearances, Bane is in The Batman but his origin is never really revealed. He also appeared in four episodes and had three different people voice his character where most characters only had one. The two biggest names were Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Clancy Brown (Highlander). He starts off as a South American mercenary and ends up as a henchman for Lex Luthor.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

For many people of a certain age, Batman: The Animated Series is the pinnacle of animated Batman cartoons. In this cartoon, Bane was closer to his comic book counterpart, a prisoner in a Cuban prison meant for the most dangerous men ever. While there, he read a lot and became a genius, making him even more dangerous. Then, he was chosen as a test subject for the Venom steroid and ended up escaping and becoming a hired assassin.

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Bane comes after Batman in order to try to take over the Gotham underworld and proves to be a strong adversary, destroying the Batmobile with his bare hands, beating Killer Croc in a fight and kidnapping Robin. As usual, he is beaten when Batman causes the Venom pump to malfunction.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

The most recent version of Bane gave the character a completely new origin story and was honestly the most interesting outside of the comic book version. In Gotham, Bane was a man named Eduardo Dorrance, a former friend of Jim Gordon's from their army days. He is sent into Gotham during the "No Man's Land" storyline in an elite military group, but is actually there for nefarious purposes, working for Nyssa al Ghul.

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In a fight with Gordon, Bane is impaled on a pipe but al Ghul finds him and saves his life by having Hugo Strange turn him into the murderous Bane. The character is overly powerful and almost unbeatable and it took everything Bruce and Barbara could do to slow him down enough for military forces to show up to arrest Bane.


Every Version Of Bane Ranked

The best version of Bane on the big or small screen came with Christopher Nolan's finale of his trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Tom Hardy portrayed Bane and kept the main aspects of his comic book story intact, although as more of a Che Guevara character, wanting to lead a revolution against the rich and powerful.

Just like in Gotham, Bane here is working side-by-side with an al Ghul, this time Talia. There were some complaints about his relationship with Talia, but seen as her protector it makes sense and gives Bane the best representation he ever got when it comes to live-action and animated portrayals.

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