Concept Art From Cancelled Damian Wayne Batman: Arkham Knight Sequel Leaks

WB Montreal Damian Wayne

A series of images have made their way online that claim to be from Warner Bros. Games Montreal's canceled Batman: Arkham game. Instead of putting Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson in the cape and cowl, the rumored title was supposed to shift focus to Damian Wayne.

Heading back to 2009, Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum bucked the trend of superhero video games and included a stellar cast of Batman alumni like Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. The success of Arkham Asylum led to a Rocksteady trilogy with Batman: Arkham City (2011) and Batman: Arkham Knight (2015). Aside from the Rocksteady universe, WB Games Montreal developed Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013.

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Posting on 4Chan, one user shared a look at the futuristic Arkham game with Damian Wayne as its new lead. Although Damian isn't seen in the concept art, there are plenty of familiar faces and a few new additions. Set years after Arkham Knight's fiery finale, the images show a younger Poison Ivy, a gender-flipped Black Mask, and even Gorilla Grodd.

WB Batman Game Gotham City

Gotham City looks far more dystopian and there's a wrecked version of Wayne Tower in the background. There's also a brief glimpse of Batman riding a motorcycle, but it's hard to make out his costume. If to be believed, the canceled game was working under the name "Project Sabbath" and would've also featured a much older Bruce Wayne. There's definitely a Batman Beyond vibe with Damian replacing Terry McGinnis.

Fans of the Rocksteady games will know Damian Wayne wasn't seen during the trilogy's arc. That being said, it was clear Bruce and Talia al Ghul had a sordid past. Even though Talia was seemingly killed off in Arkham City, an empty chamber with her name on it can be found in the morgue during Arkham Knight.

While players haven't seen sight of the Dark Knight since Batman: Arkham Knight, there have been plenty of rumors that the masked vigilante would take to the skies again. WB Montreal was previously linked to a Destiny-inspired Suicide Squad game and an Arkham Knight continuation based on the Court of Owls. It's unknown whether Project Sabbath was either of those or something completely new.

As for Rocksteady, the overseer of the Arkham-Verse once teased it was working on Superman standalone. For the time being, it looks like Batman has hung up his video game Batarang. We've reached out to WB Montreal to ask if the concept art is legitimate. Until then, fans should take this one with a large pinch of salt.

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Source: 4chan

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