Watch the 1989 Batmobile In Action in 'Batman: Arkham Knight'

Rocksteady Studios' third and presumably final Batman video game, Batman: Arkham Knight, finally gave players the ability to drive around Gotham's crime-infested streets in the Batmobile. While the handling of the armored vehicle has been met with mixed reactions - many love or loathe the addition and how frequently it's required - the studio is going to give gamers more race tracks. The first big dose of downloadable content (aside from skins, of course) gave players the chance to control Barbara Gordon/Batgirl for the very first time. Now, part of August's DLC will revolve around Tim Burton's classic 1989 Batman - as well as 1992's Batman Returns.

It was previously announced that the long and slender Batmobile from Burton's film - the one which could completely cover itself in armor and then use an explosive to kill every bad guy around the vehicle - will be controllable. With the DLC will come two new race tracks, which are of course inspired by the movies, and a skin based on Michael Keaton's Batman. (Whether or not there will eventually be a Val Kilmer or George Clooney skin, complete with bat nipples, has yet to be revealed.) An image of the new Batmobile model and Batman skin were already released, but now an extensive look at one of the race tracks - and Robin DLC - has been released.

The latest episode of Arkham Insider (which can be watched above) shows the Batmobile speeding around a track that is heavily inspired by Burton's two Batman movies. Joker's (Jack Nicholson) parade is included, but a lot of the track is geared towards Penguin (Danny DeVito) references from Batman Returns; the short villain's lair is included, as are plenty of penguins (with rockets on their backs!) and the large "rubber" ducks Penguin would use for traveling. The video only reveals one of the two tracks, so there's no word yet on which nods will be spotted on the second course.

Batman: Arkham Knight - 1989 Batmobile

As for the Batmobile, there's no word on whether or not it can be used in the story mode (that would require it to  have a tank mode, and it's unclear if it has that ability or if it's only usable in races). Considering the game's social media account said "get behind the wheel of the iconic 1989 Movie Batmobile on two new racetracks", that unfortunately seems to imply the vehicle may not have a tank mode and will only be usable in races. However, the video did explain that the 1989 Batmobile does indeed handle differently than Arkham Knight's version of the hero's vehicle. Due to the shape of Burton's Batmbobile, it has lighter handling, and that allowed the track to provide more challenging openings and "extreme corners".

Meanwhile, the episode also gave fans a look at Tim Drake/Robin's upcoming challenge map. It's similar to the other AR combat challenges in the game and appears to increase in difficulty the longer the player survives. A wide variety of enemies were on display, but it appears to boil down to simply throwing more and more enemies at Robin and the big selling point is the chance to use the sidekick's different attacks and special moves. Considering the lack of combat challenges available in Arkham Knight - and the disappointing fact a character is predetermined instead of allowing the gamer to pick a hero  - this means Robin's challenge is likely a feature that'll only be very tempting to especially big Tim Drake fans (or gamers who wish to kept testing their limits in Arkham's addictive combat system).


Robin Tim Drake Batman Arkham Knight Video Game


Batman: Arkham Knight's 1989 Batman and Batmobile DLC will be released next week and it will be available first for players with the season pass.

Source: Arkham Insider

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