That Rumored Court of Owls Batman Game May Be Titled Arkham Crisis

The latest gaming rumors suggest that the next Batman video game will be titled Batman: Arkham Crisis. It's been nearly four years since players last got behind the controls of the Batmobile for Batman: Arkham Knight, but the next chapter could be closer than everyone thought.

Late last year, there were plenty of reports that Warner Bros. Montreal was working on a new Batman game for 2019. Rocksteady was responsible for the acclaimed Arkham trilogy that rounded off in 2015, while fewer people remember WB Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins prequel. The two worlds are pretty close considering WB Montreal was also responsible for Arkham Knight's "Batgirl: A Matter of Family" DLC.

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YouTube user The Flix Fix suggests the new rumor comes from a play tester at Warner Bros. Montreal who shared the news via a Discord server. As previously thought, the shadowy Court of Owls will be the main villains of the piece and will take over from the likes of the Joker, Scarecrow, and the Arkham Knight. If the report is to be taken as fact, WB Montreal has been working on the title for the past two years, and has built a game that is 1.7 times larger than Grand Theft Auto V's San Andreas.

Batman Arkham Knight

The video explains that Arkham Crisis will be split into 12 acts of around an hour each. The open-world game will see the debut of the Batwing as a mode of transport, a playable day/night cycle, and feature popular characters like Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. According to the source, Grayson will start as Bruce's sidekick, and there will be a change of locale as players get to spread their wings over Blüdhaven. Later acts will see the former Robin return as Nightwing, while Jason Todd suits up as the new Boy Wonder.

Side missions have been overhauled with standalone stories for the likes of Black Mask, Harley Quinn, and Mister Freeze. Added to this, co-op multiplayer will be available on some (but not all) side missions. The neverending hunt for Riddler trophies will also be replaced with more complex mind puzzles.The news suggests that Arkham Crisis will be announced in March and will drop in time for Halloween, which could be a great time for some The Long Halloween-themed content.  It's important to remember this isn't the first fans have heard about this type of game.

Last year was huge for open-world superhero games thanks to Sony's Spider-Man, but gamers have been clamoring for another Batman game ever since Rocksteady hung up the cape and cowl in 2015. Elsewhere, gamers are still in the dark about what Rocksteady is working on. The studio seems done with Batman, but there are continuing reports Rocksteady could be crafting a Superman standalone or even a supersized Justice League game. Either way, it sounds like Warner Bros. Montreal could be edging closer to announcing Batman: Arkham Crisis.

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Source: The Flix Fix

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