Batman 3, Superman Reboot & Flash Movie Updates

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Our friends over at IESB broke the exclusive news awhile back, and now Heat Vision is confirming it: Currently on DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.' to do list are Chris Nolan's Batman 3, a Superman reboot called The Man of Steel (which will be produced by Nolan), and the long-gestating Flash movie.

Release dates are now set for Batman 3 and The Man of Steel, and there rumblings that earlier reports about a director for The Flash movie are closer to coming true.


If you were looking forward to 2012 at the movies because of Marvel's Avengers movie then you should be getting goosebumps right now, because DCE/WB is upping the ante by making 2012 the year of "World's Finest."

No, Batman and Superman won't be teaming up on screen (yet), but we will have them both back in movies that same year. Nolan's Batman 3 is now set for a July 20, 2012 release date, and The Man of Steel will follow with a holiday season 2012 release.

If you don't already know, there are rumors starting to circle that DCE/WB is starting to build up their own shared continuity movie universe, likely in anticipation of the inevitable Justice League movie.

But how would that work when Nolan has said so many times that his Batman films exist in their own universe, and that Man of Steel will have "nothing to do" with the Batman continuity?

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Well, the rumor (again from our friends at IESB) is that DC will build their characters in their own worlds, slowly but surely intertwining them with each new film (likely starting with the upcoming Green Lantern) until...Justice League. Batman would naturally be the first superhero to appear, and the early continuity is looking like this:


One can only assume The Flash would be the next entry after Superman makes his re-debut.


Speaking of the scarlet speedster, the latest word is that DCE/WB is "nearing a greenlight" for The Flash movie, with previously reported writer/director Greg Berlanti (he co-wrote the Green Lantern script) still in consideration for the director's chair.

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Some people might be skeptical about Berlanti directing the Flash movie - but hey, remember when all those people doubted that Jon Favreau was the guy for Iron Man? And now ol' Shellhead has never been more popular. So long as the man at the helm understands his character...

Though, it also helps that DCE creative director and Flash/Green Lantern comic book writer Geoff Johns is helping to guide the Flash movie along. As far as I'm concerned the project is in safe hands: on to casting The Flash.

More DC Movie updates as they come. Stay tuned.

Sources: IESB & Heat Vision

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