'Batman 3' Production Likely to Start in April

Batman 3 filming tactics

Director Christopher Nolan's latest film Inception opens next Friday but fans have already worked up a ravenous appetite for information on his next project - Batman 3.

While the deliberately vague filmmaker always seems to know a great deal more than he's letting on, he has revealed a few tidbits regarding his next trip into Gotham City. We know that the Joker won't be appearing in the latest installment, the Scarecrow might, the film could be in 3D, and Nolan's brother Jonah has been hard at work on the script for some time. Today, we've received a new tidbit of information hinting at an updated start date for production.

Previous reports indicated that Batman 3 might begin shooting in March, but when Digital Spy spoke with Michael Caine at the London premiere of Inception, he revealed an update on the plans:

"I think they're going to do it in April, that's about as much as I know."

The exact same thing happened back in 2007 with The Dark Knight when its proposed March start date was pushed back to April instead. According to The Playlist, the actors already on board for Batman 3 have been instructed to keep spring 2011 clear.

We also know that Nolan & Co. are working backwards from their July 20th 2012 release date, and given that The Dark Knight followed a similar timeline, this makes a lot of sense.

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I was in Chicago during The Dark Knight's production and, if I remember correctly, they were here for one week in late April to shoot the opening bank robbery scene and then returned at the beginning of June with a full cast and crew. Nolan did a similar "pre-shoot" on Batman Begins so I can't help but wonder if a similar strategy is being utilized for Batman 3.

Now that Inception is behind him, Nolan can shift focus to Batman 3 as well as the Superman reboot The Man of Steel. Perhaps that means we can look forward to more detailed information soon on both projects (including what Batman 3 might be about). While fans are anxious to hear a confirmation of who the villain (or villains) will be, Batman's biggest opponent might be audience's inflated expectations - after the mammoth success of The Dark Knight.

Release Dates for Batman 3 and the Superman Reboot

While cinematic history is littered with more abysmal third chapters than good ones, Nolan's desire to make Batman 3 a conclusion to this particular bat-story, rather than another continuation, seems like the right move. Undoubtedly, there will be more Batman movies, but starting with a foundation (a foundation centered on wrapping things up in Nolan's universe), seems like a good place to start with Batman 3.

Are you excited to hear that plans are finally firming up for Batman 3? What are you hoping to see in the film?

Source: Digital Spy & The Playlist.

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