'Batman' 1966 TV Show Getting Animated Movie Adaptation for 50th Anniversary

Much like today, in the 1970s superheroes were everywhere. At the movies, Richard Donner's Superman became the first big-budget superhero film. And on television, series like Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman ruled the airwaves. But it was the late 1960s Batman series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward, that really set the stage for the rest.

Created and narrated by William Dozier, Batman aired twice a week for its first two seasons and once a week for its last, firmly establishing itself in American pop culture. The series' campy tone ("Tune in tomorrow—same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!"), infamous dialogue ("Holy mashed potatoes, Batman!") and wordy fight scenes ("BAM! POW!") continue to resonate with people around the world.

And because of the series' popularity, West and Ward have reprised their iconic roles as Batman and Robin numerous times over the years, both in cartoons and in live-action, such as in the TV special Legends of the Superheroes. Now to commemorate the show's 50th anniversary on January 12th of next year, they'll return yet again in an animated 90-minute feature film.

The two actors announced their participation in the project this past weekend during a Batman panel at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina. No other details were revealed, but if you watch the video above, you'll see Ward telling the audience that the film could actually be one of TWO new Batman movies coming soon.

This is, of course, big news for fans of the 1960s Batman series, which has seen a resurgence in popularity these last few years thanks to Warner Bros. releasing new merchandise and comic books under the name Batman '66. The studio also released the full series on DVD and Blu-ray just last year.

Then there's also next year's Batman V Superman film to consider. With Batman returning, yet again, into the public mainstream, there's no better time than now to capitalize on a more lighthearted version of the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder.

But what do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you a fan of the 1960s Batman? Would you be interested in seeing West and Ward together again as Batman and Robin? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned for more on the Batman and Robin animated movie.

Source: MadMonster (via Consequence of Sound)

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