Batman: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Batcave

Superheroes all have somewhere they go to get away from the world and get some other work done. These refuges are basically a superhero’s office and where they work on things that can’t be done in the field. One of the most famous and coolest looking home bases is, of course, Batman’s Batcave. Here, the Caped Crusader can still fight the good fight, get a cup of coffee, and just relax. Almost everyone could name at least one defining feature of this dark and advanced hideout, but most might not know about all the secrets and technology that Batman’s sophisticated Batcave holds.

Say the password and step through the secret entrance to see Screen Rant’s 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Batcave!

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11 The Underground Railroad

Batman's ancestors

Mentioned briefly in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, Alfred tells Bruce the origins of the caverns and caves beneath Wayne Manor. In the comics, Batman also finds out the origins of his soon-to-be Batcave. Using the existing foundations and structures in the caverns, Bruce constructs his now famous Batcave. However, these foundations and structures were put in long before Bruce was ever born.

Bruce’s ancestors, Solomon and Joshua Wayne, used the caverns underneath their acquired land to help escaped slaves travelling on the Underground Railroad. Through these tunnels many slaves escaped injustice. Unfortunately, Solomon’s brother Joshua died protecting one of the many slaves that they helped along the Underground Railroad.

10 Through The Backdoor

One entrance behind the grandfather clock

Like many other hideouts used by the superhero community, the Batcave has several hidden entrances that the Bat Family uses to access the cave. Obviously, these secret entrances are as discreet as possible and often hard to access. One of the most famous ways into the Batcave is, of course, the passageway behind the grandfather clock in Wayne Manor. Used primarily by Bruce and Alfred, this passageway is sometimes accessed using a series of keys on the grand piano, or by pulling a book on the bookshelf near the clock.

When using the Batmobile or Batwing, the cave can be accessed using an underwater entrance, a secret tunnel, or entering through a waterfall that has a cave behind it. Of course, in can also be accessed by the dried up well that Bruce fell into as a child. Batman even uses this very well to re-enter the cave in order to fight Jean-Paul Valley, who had taken the Batman mantle in the famed Knightfall storyline.

9 A Supercomputer To Rival Most Others

Batcomputer in Arkham Asylum

Often used as the centerpiece for the entire Batcave, Batman’s supercomputer (aptly named the Batcomputer) stands tall and is as massive as its computing capabilities. The computer is not just large, but is said to be one of the most powerful human-made computers in existence. While there are other, better computers using Kryptonian, Thanagarian, and Martian technology, Batman’s supercomputer is still extremely capable at processing and computing extremely complex information and data.

The Batcomputer is one of Batman’s greatest tools in his crusade against injustice, and can be seen as a personification of his own brilliance. Used in countless investigations, the Batcomputer is perhaps the most important piece of technology Batman has in the Batcave. 

8 A Good Soldier

Jason Todd suit

The most recognizable thing Batman has is his uniform. Changing dozens of times throughout his time under the cowl, Bruce has his different suits on display within the walls of the Batcave. Some acting as back-ups and others as memorabilia, these suits are always constant reminders of what adventures, good or bad, the Caped Crusader has had. Not only are Batman’s many costumes displayed, but the costumes of all of his sidekicks and accomplices. Having had several different Robins and Batgirls under his wing (pun intended) over the course of history, Bruce lovingly displays their varying costumes from over the years. Unfortunately, not all of these costumes bring back the best of memories. One of Bruce’s most prized possessions is Jason Todd’s Robin uniform. Reminding him of what he’s lost and memorializing his fallen partner, Jason Todd’s uniform usually stands apart from the others in remembrance and respect.

On top of all of the Bat Family costumes, Bruce also has several other sets of armor. These sets are from different decades and display the armor of the greatest warriors of that era. Acting as trophies and inspiration for Bruce, these suits stand separate to the Bat Family costumes, but are displayed with just as much care.

7 May I Use The Facilities?

One of the many versions of the Batcave

Do you ever wonder where superheroes use the restroom? Well, Batman not only has restrooms and locker rooms in the Batcave, but several other even more important areas that all serve a specific purpose. Organized and used by one of the greatest minds in the DC Universe, the Batcave would understandably have some of the most sophisticated and useful facilities within its walls.

Bruce has a state-of-the-art series of labs where he not only performs some forensic work, but also other experiments that help him construct weapons to defeat some of his strongest enemies. With Bruce staying at the height of human physical capabilities, it makes sense that he even has a gym within the Batcave. Despite having an enormous library within Wayne Manor, Bruce also has a separate collection inside the Batcave.

6 A Two-Car Garage Is Not Enough

These are only a few of Batman's cars

Perhaps most impressive for its sheer magnificence, Batman has areas that act not just as hangars for his various flying vehicles, but also an enormous parking structure that houses his Batmobiles. On top of these, he also has a docking area that he keeps his aquatic vehicles stored in. With all of the vehicles Bruce has created over the decades, he needs a vast “garage” to store all of his various vehicles.

 The structure he uses is often shown as a complex, automated housing system that loads the vehicles and dispenses them when necessary. The Batmobiles alone are enough to fill a parking lot, but with the addition of his aerial and aquatic vehicles, the mechanisms and structure used to store the vehicles is a massive part of the Batcave itself. Since the vehicles are stored on an open structure, they are in a way doubled as models of Batman’s achievements and adventures from over the years.

5 Fortified Structure

The Batcave's reinforced structures

Batman is prepared for almost every possible situation, but even he didn’t see the cataclysmic earthquake coming that would rock all of Gotham, including his Batcave. When the 7.6 earthquake hits Gotham in the pages of Batman Cataclysm, we see Wayne Manor and the Batcave basically demolished by this massive earthquake.

After such a devastating blow to his operations, Bruce decides to rebuild the Batcave, but this time with more fortifications against natural disasters. Bruce not only adds improvements to the Batcave’s technology and defense systems, but makes the entire cave safe against earthquakes and nuclear detonations. With these new and enhanced modifications, the Batcave stands stronger than ever in defense against both Batman's enemies and mother nature herself.

4 No Money Can Buy These

The three most recognizable trophies Batman has

When people think of the Batcave, they sometimes picture the Batcomputer or the collection of Batmobiles, but more often than not, people think of Batman’s collection of odd trophies. For instance, one of the most recognizable pieces of memorabilia in the Batcave is the Giant Penny. Two other keepsakes that are usually on display in the Batcave are the mechanical T-Rex and the oversized Joker playing card. These three items are constants in almost all comic iterations of the Batcave.

Beyond these, there are dozens of other fascinating items that Batman has collected over the years from various encounters with his illustrious rogues gallery. Some of these major trophies on display are: Two-Face’s original coin, the original Red Hood’s costume and helmet, several of Penguin’s umbrellas, Deathstroke’s sword, Mad Hatter’s Hat. All of these items have a story behind them, but they aren’t labelled with descriptions like the items within the walls of The Fortress of Solitude.

3 It's A Fortress, But Not Quite Built For Solitude

Most members of the Bat Family

While the Batcave is a place of seclusion, built as a refuge for the Dark Knight, the Batcave isn’t as quiet as one might think. With several Robins, several Batgirls, other associates, Alfred, and Bruce’s trusty mechanic, Harold Allnut, the Batcave is sometimes less of a quiet refuge and more of a family home. Bruce has his own son, Damian Wayne, to take care of, but he has also taken both Dick Grayson and Tim Drake on as his wards. When each of them were Robins, and even when they went on to become their own heroes, they still hung around the Batcave with Bruce. As a place of operations for the entire Bat Family, most members come and go as they please, often talking to Batman and storing some of their gear inside the Batcave.

One of the more forgotten members of this tight-knit group of Bat Family members is Harold Allnut. The main resident of the Batcave, Harold was Batman’s personal mechanic and technological aid. Although he was disfigured and mute, Batman did his best to give Harold a good life in the Batcave. Although Harold is later killed, his presence in the cave could not go unmentioned.

2 The Vacation Homes

One of Bruce's many alternative Batcaves

Most people think that there is just the one Batcave conveniently located under Wayne Manor, but that isn’t the only hideout Bruce Wayne uses to fight crime. While the Batcave under Wayne Manor is the main cave, there are several other locations that Bruce has set up over the years to either act as alternative main hideouts or as supplementary locations for different operations.

One of the most convenient Batcaves Bruce built was the one located under Arkham Asylum. Built in case Bruce was ever held captive, this Batcave is fully stocked with provisions and vehicles. Seen in The Dark Knight, Bruce also has another Batcave under Wayne Tower that he can access through his office and penthouse. There are several other, less well-equipped Batcaves all around Gotham that serve as bug out locations for Bruce and his associates. While they aren’t all in constant use, all of the different locations just show you how prepared Batman really is.

1 Conclusion

For a damp, dark cavern, the Batcave has proven to be one of the most versatile, advanced, and interesting places that any hero could possibly hang their cowls. We’ve learned not just about the history of this old set of caves, but what Bruce has been able to accomplish inside those ancient walls as well. From Batman’s gadgets, cars, planes, boats, trophies, weapons, costumes, and associates, the Batcave is not just home to all things Batman needs to fight crime, but all the things Bruce needs as a man too. Hopefully you’ve learned a couple of interesting facts about the Dark Knight’s Batcave, and be sure to let us know which fact you found to be most interesting.

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