Rumor: Batgirl Show in Development For DC Universe

A new rumor claims that Warner Bros. has greenlit a Batgirl TV series, set to release on the DC Universe digital platform sometime in 2020.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Warner Bros. has ordered a Batgirl TV series, to release on the DC Universe streaming service in 2020. DC Universe has launched today in honor of the annual Batman Day event, offering an unprecedented range of content, including many of DC's best live-action and animated TV series.

The site will also host several original shows of its own, including Titans next month and a new season of Young Justice next year. All this is rounded out by a digital library of classic comics, as well as the news show DC Daily. It's currently available to subscribers for $7.99 a month, or $74.99 for an annual subscription. While only one show is expected to debut this year, it seems the service is already planning content for 2020.

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According to FandomWire, Warner Bros. TV is pushing ahead with more original TV series. They report that the studio has signed off on a 13-episode season of Batgirl, with production to begin in February 2019 ahead of a potential 2020 release date alongside the adult animated Harley Quinn series. The showrunner has yet to be announced, but the site speculates that Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg - who is departing Marvel Netflix to work for Warner Bros. - could be a strong contender.

Warner Bros. has long been interested in developing some sort of live-action Batgirl production. The idea first appeared on their radar when Joss Whedon pitched it as a movie. Whedon struggled to produce a script, though, and Warner Bros. feared that a male filmmaker taking on a female character would prove controversial. When Walter Hamada was appointed as chief of DC Films, he decided it would be wiser to hire a female director, and Whedon left the project. The latest unconfirmed reports indicate the Batgirl film had been pushed back and was no longer a priority.

Traditionally, Warner Bros. has been reluctant to develop both big-screen and small-screen iterations of the same characters and concepts; that's why Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad were dropped from Arrow. But the studio seems to have changed its approach of late, and there are even reports of a Supergirl movie in development. It's quite possible Warner Bros. could choose to greenlight both a Batgirl film and a live-action TV series. That's especially the case given only the most dedicated fans are really expected to subscribe to DC Universe, and they're the ones least likely to be confused by having two different versions of the same character in play.

For now, this is only a rumor, and it should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt. FandomWire claim that the information comes from inside sources, but no other outlets have verified it at this point.

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Source: FandomWire

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