The Batgirl Movie Has a Rumored Frontrunner

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You have to hand it to Batgirl: she may have arrived late to the party, but she's making up for lost time. Not only have reports claimed that Joss Whedon is being sought to write and direct a Batgirl film for DC Films, but thanks to some cryptic online activity, we have our first rumored frontrunner for the role of Barbara Gordon. It may not be the kind of headlining name sought for other Justice League stars, but the age and experience says much about DC's plans for Batgirl in their movie universe. Not the least of which being the version of Batgirl being adapted.

The actress in question is Lindsey Morgan, known to fans of The CW's The 100 as 'Raven Reyes.' We warn everyone to keep an open mind since some serious grains of salt must be taken with the rumored casting, having originated... well, it's hard to say. Mainly, fans have drawn attention to Morgan's own social media activity as a sign that not only is she at least in the running for the part at Warner Bros., but may have gotten that distinction weeks ago.

The "evidence" begins with two Tweets from Morgan's own account earlier in March, first teasing an audition in New York, followed by an ecstatic tease of a significant casting. Cue the news surrounding Batgirl and Whedon's involvement, and Morgan has taken to not just re-Tweeting stories about the film, but posts suggesting she's been cast as Barbara Gordon.

First NYC audition ✔️First NYC acting class ✔️First NYC blizzard...✔️?

— lindsey morgan (@linzzmorgan) March 14, 2017

WELP. New project on the horizon AND IM MORE THAN ECSTATIC about it!!!! ??????????????? thank you everyone for your support & love. ❤️❤️❤️

— lindsey morgan (@linzzmorgan) March 18, 2017

Of course, this kind of interaction and early teasing has proven fruitless in the past, with actors taking to social media to support fan campaigns in an effort to stir up conversation, thereby actually getting their name in the running. It has worked before, so if that is the case, we suppose it's fair game. We would assume that casting would come after some kind of contracts had been signed with Whedon, but without official word on just how far along Whedon's negotiations currently sit, or how long ago they began, it's hard to hammer out the likelihood that Morgan landed the role, officially, weeks before the world even knew the film was happening. And in shared universes like the DCEU that's a rarity, to say the least.

That isn't to take anything away from Morgan's performances in the past, since her turn as 'Raven' has demonstrated most of the qualities that a version of Barbara Gordon would be expected to embody. Strong, but still capable of vulnerability, compassionate without being naive, and from the looks of her Instagram account, Morgan is well versed in the kind of fitness and training demanded of a big screen superhero. That may be less of a priority, depending on the content of the film, where it's set in Barbara's own career, and just how much of the DC Extended Universe she will actually be interacting with (contrary to some of the loudest opinions, a movie disconnected from Ben Affleck's Batman has appeal of its own).

Considering the speed with which this news has arrived, fans are either in for a disappointment, a delay for any official casting, or more unpredictability where the big screen Batgirl is concerned. As evidence of just how little we know, this could somehow shake out into Joss Whedon creating a Batgirl TV show. The reports all claim a major feature, but Whedon's own hesitancy to return to the blockbuster superhero genre has been well-documented. So if he's prepared to change his mind, either the stakes, the concerns, the size of the production, or some other factor has changed as well.

For now, let us know what you think of the rumor. Does Lindsey Morgan fit the demands of the role, fans of The 100? Or will Joss Whedon's stamp of approval be all that's needed to convince skeptics that she's up to the challenge of joining DC's Batman family?

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