What Jane Levy Could Look Like as Batgirl

Warner Bros. hasn't cast the lead for Batgirl yet, but some fan art further shows why Jane Levy could be a great choice. Following the success of Wonder Woman, audiences are eager to see many more female superhero-led films and the DC Extended Universe may yet deliver, on that front. After Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) was the unofficial lead of Suicide Squad, Gal Gadot showed what she could do as the Amazonian warrior, and has already made audiences eager for the in-development Wonder Woman 2. In addition, WB/DC has the Robbie-led Suicide Squad spinoff Gotham City Sirens and Batgirl in development right now.

While Sirens already has its star in Robbie, the role of Barbara Gordon still needs to be filled for Batgirl. As is always the case with big roles such as this, everyone has their own opinion of who should land the coveted gig. One of the more popular names has been Jane Levy (Don't Breathe), and new fan art makes the case to cast her even more compelling.

Fan artist Datrinti has mocked up an idea of what Levy could look like in the role of Batgirl. The suit draws inspiration from the character's Arkham Knight design, offering this version of Batgirl some protection, but also makes her suit distinctly different from Ben Affleck's Batman costume in the DCEU. Not only does she look the part in the suit, but the side-by-side comparison of Levy as Barbara is also rather convincing.

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Immediately after Whedon was announced to be directing Batgirl, Levy's name almost instantaneously became one of the most popular suggestions for casting. She is fresh off Don't Breathe - a film that was not only a financial hit, but showcased her abilities as an actress. The range she displayed and ability to go toe-to-toe with Stephen Lang in the tmovie already made her a great choice, but after seeing what she looks like in the suit, those that support this Batgirl casting pick should only further want it to become a reality.

That said, it may be quite some time before Levy or anyone is cast as Batgirl. Whedon is currently focused on finishing Justice League for Zack Snyder, WB, and DC, so Batgirl has been put on the back-burner for the moment. (It has also been reported that Justice League won't introduce Batgirl to the DCEU either, despite Whedon's involvement.) Once Whedon's focus does turn back to Batgirl, Levy's chances of landing the role are actually decent. She's not yet a household name and thus, could become synonymous with Batgirl on the big screen in time. If anything, this art-work will only help her cause, in this respect.

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Source: Datrinti

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