Batgirl: Hailee Steinfeld Would Love to Star in DC’s Film

Hailee Steinfeld would love to play Barbara Gordon in Warner Bros. and DC Films' upcoming Batgirl movie from Joss Whedon. Ever since Warner Bros. officially kicked off their shared superhero universe with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, they've been building it up. In the time since, they've released Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. While Wonder Woman was a veritable success with critics and at the box office, the receptions of Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League were bumpier.

Still, Warner Bros. has put a whole host of projects into development, one among them being Joss Whedon's Batgirl, which was first reported to be in the works earlier this year. Whedon has already been integrated into the DC Films universe, having worked with Zack Snyder on the script for Justice League, and helming the movie's reshoots when its original director stepped down. Whedon's Justice League reshoots were a major talking point around the film's release, but now that it's premiered, it would seem the writer-director is free to move on to Batgirl. Now, another actress has thrown her hat in the ring for the titular superhero role.

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In an interview with MTV News promoting her upcoming film, Pitch Perfect 3, Hailee Steinfeld was asked if she'd be open to taking a superhero role. She said, "Yes, absolutely, definitely on my bucket list." When further asked which superhero she'd like to portray, Steinfeld played coy, though she did confirm she "would love" to play Batgirl when asked about that role in particular.

Steinfeld wouldn't be the first actress to voice an interest in the role of Barbara Gordon. Early rumors concerning Whedon's project indicated The 100's Lindsey Morgan could be a frontrunner for Batgirl, though the writer-director shot those reports down since little work had been done on the film yet. Since then, Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra also voiced interest in Batgirl, while fans have put forward Don't Breathe actress Jane Levy as a potential Barbara Gordon. However, as of yet, there are no shortlists for the role and the project hasn't even begun the casting process.

Still, reports have indicated Batgirl and Justice League Dark are set to start filming soon, with DC Films producer Deborah Snyder saying Batgirl is the next solo female DC movie. Of course, these reports surfaced before Wonder Woman's massive success, and it remains to be seen whether Batgirl will actually release before Wonder Woman 2. We know now that Shazam! will film next, ahead of its 2019 release date.

Certainly, the DC Films release slate has been somewhat fluid and reactionary, with Warner Bros. focusing on what has worked - namely, Wonder Woman - and pivoting away from what hasn't. They haven't publicly altered the DC Films slate after Justice League, but there have been rumors of Whedon being ousted from Batgirl, although those have been shot down. Since Batgirl is confirmed to be one of Warner Bros' priority projects, it's likely we'll see some progress in the coming year - perhaps even a casting confirmation.

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Source: MTV News

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