• Here's how Bates Motel season 5 episode 1 reimagined Psycho. 1 / 10

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  • The original Psycho was a landmark film in the horror genre. 2 / 10

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  • The movie spawned a number of sequels and spinoffs, including A&E's Bates Motel. 3 / 10

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  • Bates Motel depicts the troubled relationship between Norman Bates and his mother. 4 / 10

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  • Bates Motel season 5 is a loose remake of Psycho, reimagining the characters and story. 5 / 10

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  • It does a much better job than the actual 1998 remake from Gus Van Sant. 6 / 10

  • This version recreated the original shot for shot and is viewed as a failed, big budget experiment. 7 / 10

  • Bates Motel on the other hand presented a familiar story in a fresh, original way. 8 / 10

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  • It also brought Norman's story to a close in an unexpected way. 9 / 10

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