Spooky 'Bates Motel' Season 2 Teaser Trailers Hint at Norman's Future

After announcing the renewal of their surprise hit Bates Motel months ago, A&E has just presented fans of the series with a pair of promo clips in anticipation of the season 2 premiere. They're very brief and none too spoilery, for those who haven't watched season one, and are instead more suggestive than anything else. Without directly pointing to specifics of the previous installment's finale, both teasers manage to invoke those events and hint at where we'll see the show progress with this new go-round.

In the first clip, seen above, we get a glimpse of the how far Norman has come in his hobby as a taxidermist; it's a skill he picks up toward the end of season 1, and apparently he's developed quite a bit of proficiency at the craft in the time since we last saw him. One glance at the expression on his face should tell viewers everything they need to know about how much his state of mind has changed to date.

Meanwhile, in the second bit, which can be found above, Norma Bates turns down a bed in what starts off as a serene sequence of good housekeeping before turning into a striking image of foreboding. Bloody sheets never spell good news, and the real fun here lies in taking a crack at figuring out the stain's significance; is it a telltale sign of Norman's (potentially) murderous actions in season 1's final episode, or a portent of carnage to come?

If we use Psycho as a blueprint for what all of this is supposed to mean for us and for mother and son, then the answer should be pretty clear. (Though we can also go the safe route and accept that the blood accomplishes both of those aforementioned goals.) We know, based on the Hitchcock classic, where Norman ends up in his adult years. So far the fun of Bates Motel has been in seeing how Carlton Cuse lays out the exact steps he takes to get there.

Season 2 of Bates Motel promises to take us even further down that road, and right now, it looks like a creepy good time. March isn't too far off, so we'll see whether the show lives up to expectations soon enough. For now, the takeaway is that Bates Motel is heading back to television, and it looks to be as unsettling and eerie as ever.

Are you looking forward to its return?


Bates Motel season 2 premieres on A&E in March, 2014.

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