'Bates Motel' Season 2 Promos Bring The Family Together

Early last month, we offered a glance at what Norma and Norman Bates have gotten up to in the interim period between seasons 1&2 of Bates Motel; the latter has used the time to improve his taxidermy skills while the former has busied herself by sprucing up their home (though she doesn't appear to be making much headway). Today, we get the chance to catch up a bit with Dylan Massett-Bates, Norma's child from another marriage, as he prepares for season 2 in his own ways.

The above clip isn't quite so eerie as the previous two, but it is a good bit tenser, calling back to Dylan's arc in the previous season while hinting at what might lie ahead for him. For those with shakier memories, Dylan had himself quite a time when last we saw him, running over unidentified drug addicts and gunning down corrupt law enforcement in the name of vengeance and family, respectively; in between and around all of this he managed to bond with his half-brother, Norman, after initial strife between the two, and even took the first step toward reconciling with Norma despite his hatred for her.

Clearly, Dylan is still up to his old tricks per the above clip, well-entrenched in the drug game and readying himself for lord knows what as he packs his bags and loads his pistol. Does this mean that we can expect the drug war to fully erupt in White Pine Bay for Bates Motel's second season? What do we read out of that final steady, uncomfortable exchange of glances between the family, assembled at the table for dinner?

A second clip for the show doesn't offer any answers to that query, but it does mash together the first two promo spots with Dylan's, showing the entire Bates family interrupted in the midst of reveries, tasks, and upkeep by the single ring of their doorbell.

Since Bates Motel earned its renewal a long while back, there have been a lot of questions raised over where the show could possibly go and what directions it might take given that we know exactly where the story here will end up. Dylan, arguably, presents the best wild card in making the path that the show takes utterly unpredictable; he's the element that's least like what we're accustomed to from Alfred Hitchcock's landmark original film, after all. He could end up being crucial toward making this series feel like its own beast instead of a simple by-the-numbers prequel leading into Psycho.

Maybe Bates Motel isn't one of the very best movie-to-television adaptations, but no one can dock Carlton Cuse for not using his imagination and trying to surprise his audience. We'll see where Bates Motel progresses once season two airs in March. Are you excited?


Bates Motel's season 2 premieres on March 3rd, 2014 on A&E.

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