The Baseball Movie All-Star Team

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As baseball season approaches, it seems fitting to announce the official All-Star team of fictional baseball characters. Below is a full 35-man roster that would compete against any Major League squad in history. In fact, I'd like to see ESPN put it to the test.

You may disagree with a roster occupant here and there, but this is the most comprehensive roster of sports movie characters you're likely to find.  So, sit back and watch the Boys (and Ladies) of Summer tap into your baseball movie nostalgia.

Starting Lineup:

CF- Willie Mays Hayes (Major League)

3B- Kelly Leak (The Bad News Bears)

RF- Roy Hobbs (The Natural)

C- Crash Davis (Bull Durham)

1B- Jack Elliot (Mr. Baseball)

DH- Jack Parkman (Major League 2)

2B- Marla Hooch (A League Of Their Own)

LF- Bobby Rayburn (The Fan)

SS- Benny Rodriguez (The Sandlot)

P- Steve Nebraska (The Scout)

Pitching Staff:

  • SP- Nuke LaLoosh (Bull Durham)
  • SP- Billy Chapel (For Love Of The Game)
  • SP- Eddie Harris (Major League)
  • SP- Henry Wiggen (Bang The Drum Slowly)
  • RP- Kenny DeNunez (The Sandlot)
  • RP- Miles Pennfield w/ headphones (Hard Ball)
  • RP- Amanda Whurlitzer (Bad News Bears)
  • RP- Henry Rowengartner (Rookie Of The Year)
  • RP- Chet Rocket Steadman (Rookie Of The Year)
  • RP- Eric Van Leemer (Summer Catch)
  • RP- Sammy Bodeen (Talent For The Game)
  • Closer- Ricky Vaughn (Major League)


  • 1B- Jimmy Dugan (A League Of Their Own)
  • OF- Pedro Cerrano (Major League)
  • OF- T-Rex Pennebaker (Mr. 3000)
  • OF- Isuro Tanaka (Major League 2)
  • OF- Billy 'Downtown' Anderson (Major League 3)
  • UTIL- Alan "Yea Yea" McClennan (The Sandlot)
  • UTIL- Lou Collins (Little Big League)
  • UTIL- Gus (The Benchwarmers)
  • UTIL- Ed (Ed)
  • DH- Stan (Mr. 3000)
  • C- Hamilton "Ham" Porter (The Sandlot)
  • C- Dottie Hinson (A League Of Their Own)
  • Pinch Runner- Mickey Scales (Little Big League)


  • Head Coach- Lou Brown (Major League)
  • Pitching Coach- Phil Brickma (Rookie Of The Year)
  • Assistant Coach- Billy Heywood (Little Big League)
  • Hitting Coach- [against his will, of course] Jake Taylor (Major League)
  • Team Manager- Jarius G-Baby Evans (Hard Ball)
  • Radar Gun/Statistics- Annie Savoy (Bull Durham)

Baseball Movie All-Star Team

"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball."

Terrence Mann (James Earl Jones, Field of Dreams) was right about a lot, but when it comes to the portrayal of America's pastime in film, he was spot on. Countless sports films are piled up in the annals of movie history - many of which are fleeting memories - but dozens of characters in baseball movies have remained favored throughout the years. There just is no other sport with an essence and culture that translates to film as well as baseball.

Got any favorite baseball characters not on the roster? Keep in mind, they have to be fictional. Unleash on the comments board below and let us know what you think.

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