What To Expect From Barry Season 3

Barry season 3 has already been renewed by HBO, but when will the new episodes of the Bill Hader show release? And what dark story will it tell?

Bill Hader in Barry Season 3

There is going to be a Barry season 3, but when will it premiere on HBO? Created by former Seinfeld writer Alec Berg and Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader, the dark comedy follows a conflicted hitman-turned-actor.

Barry season 1 premiered in March 2018, with Hader portraying the title character. Given the series’ twisted dark comedy and distinct visual style, it’s been a hit with HBO subscribers and critics alike. Barry season 1 earned two performance-related Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Hader) and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Winkler). And Barry season 2 has similarly been praised for the central performances, and also for Hader’s direction of episodes like “ronny/lily" and the season finale "berkman > block.” To date, 16 episodes of Barry have aired on HBO, with the latest round preceding Game of Thrones season 8.

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Barry season 2 is weird, fun, and wholly unique. Here’s what to expect from Barry season 3.

Barry Season 3 Renewal

Bill Hader Barry Season 2 HBO

HBO has already ordered Barry season 3. Given the series' popularity and critical acclaim, HBO announced the renewal prior to Barry season 2's fourth episode. This aligns with HBO’s faith in Barry season 1; the network renewed the series after airing just three episodes. Looking ahead beyond Barry season 3, it's likely a season 4 will be ordered before the new episodes finish airing.

Barry Season 3 Release Date Info

It's likely Barry season 3 will premiere in Spring 2020. Both previous seasons of Barry have premiered in late March, so with the immediate renewal, the same can be expected for Barry season 3.

Barry Season 3 Story Details

Bill Hader in Barry Season 2 HBO

Barry season 2 unsurprisingly ends with violence and unresolved character drama. As an actor, Barry has made significant progress, especially in his on-stage performances with Sarah Goldberg’s Sally Reed. In fact, Barry has been so good that acting coach Gene Cousineau (Winkler) announced himself as a reading partner for an audition. However, Barry’s past continues to haunt him, resulting in even more mob violence that now threatens Gene’s safety. The conclusion of Barry season 2 suggests that Gene will have some difficult decisions to make in the near future. And now that Hader has more than proven himself behind the camera for HBO, Barry season 3 will undoubtedly have a bigger budget, and will certainly challenge curious viewers who are tuning in for the first time.

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