Barry Season 2 Teaser: A Low-Rent Hitman Wonders If He’s A Bad Guy

Bill Hader in Barry Season 1 HBO

Season 2 of HBO’s Emmy-winning dark comedy Barry gets a teaser trailer that shows how Bill Hader’s assassin-turned-actor handles the fallout of the first season’s finale. The first season was a hit for the premium cabler, in that it not only earned solid reviews and Emmy’s for both Hader and co-star Henry Winkler, but the series also showcased its star as a triple threat, as Hader also took up the writing and directing reins as well. The result was one of the network’s best comedies in years, one that wasn’t shy about pulling the trigger on a daring ending that put its title character on a path from which there’s no turning back. 

The second season is right around the corner, though, which means viewers won’t have to wait long to find out what the fallout from Barry’s fateful decision will be. That decision is bound to have a huge impact on Winkler’s acting coach Gene Cousineau, as well as Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg), Barry’s fellow struggling actor and his new girlfriend. It’s a testament to how well written the first season was that the storylines of two supporting characters are as potentially fascinating as that of the title character, which makes several moments in the all-too-brief teaser all the more enticing. 

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Although it clocks in at under a minute, the teaser is surprisingly packed full of new footage from the second season. And it appears as though Barry is at a crossroads of sorts, seeking to reconcile the two paths on which he finds himself — that of a low-rent murderer for hire and that of a struggling actor. From the look of things, Barry’s about to dig deep into his personal experiences for some inspiration in the latter. Check out the teaser below: 

Barry seems on the verge of declaring his crimes through his acting, though his approach seems aimed less at adjudicating the various wrongs he's committed and more toward some kind of autobiographical confessional, one that would better explain why he is the way he is. And the rest of the teaser attempts to follow along that line of thinking, as there are again shots of Barry bringing his feelings about his past into his acting, which prompts Gene to say, “There is inherent darkness in you.” 

Mainly, though, the new teaser suggests season 2 will be just as funny as season 1, as an exchange with the very funny Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank, implies Barry is still doing the work for which he’s known. 

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Barry premieres in the spring of 2019 on HBO.

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