Barry Season 2 Full Trailer & Poster Lines Up A Killer Second Act

Bill Hader in Barry Season 2 HBO

The full trailer for season 2 of HBO’s Emmy-winning Barry offers up more of what made the first season so great, and it throws in some interesting variables, too. The series has become a welcome addition to HBO’s lineup of half-hour comedies, not only adding to the premium cabler’s already impressive array of trophies, but also showing that though Veep and Silicon Valley were close to finishing out their respective runs, the network already has a show that can fill the void. 

Season 1 also introduced audiences to a new side of Bill Hader, who not only created the series, but wrote and directed much of it as well. And that’s in addition to his Emmy-winning performance as the low-rent hitman who finds himself in the LA theater scene after being bitten by the proverbial acting bug. Over the course of its first season, Barry proved to be more than just another take on the lonely hitman story, as it also offered up a number of terrific characters and performances, including fellow Emmy-winner Henry Winkler’s portrayal as acting coach Gene Cousineau, and Sarah Goldberg’s role as the fame-seeking Sally Reed. 

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Now, just about a year to the day that Barry season 1 premiered, the series is set to return for round 2, and the full trailer offers a thrilling glimpse at what’s in store for Barry now that his circumstances have changed so dramatically. You can check out the full trailer and the season’s new poster below: 

Perhaps most surprising is that the trailer reveals where its characters will be when the new season starts. As it turns out, it’s not long after the season 1 finale, in which Barry presumably did away with Detective Janice Moss (Paula Newsome), who had not only pieced together than Barry was a contract killer, but had also become Gene’s girlfriend. It seems as though her apparent death is weighing heavy on Barry and he’s beginning to show some signs of cracking under the pressure. That’s going to be a problem for the life he’s built for himself in LA, and it’s certainly going to be an issue for his other employer, NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan), who looks as though he’ll continue his path toward becoming the show’s next standout performance. 

After the response to season 1, it’s not like Barry needed much in the way of marketing to get people watching. But this new trailer certainly does a great job a demonstrating how the series doesn’t plan to rest on is laurels and will hopefully continue to make for funny and captivating TV. 

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Barry season 2 premieres Sunday, March 31 on HBO.

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