Barbie: Amy Schumer Calls Anne Hathaway 'Perfect' For Role

Amy Schumer says Anne Hathaway is the "perfect" choice to replace her in Barbie, based on Mattel's famed Barbie doll. Schumer caused a stir in March when she suddenly dropped the Barbie movie, citing "scheduling conflicts."

The project - which was expected to go into production June 23 for a June 2018, release - remained in limbo after Schumer dropped out, until recently. The film has since regained momentum, thanks to reports that the Oscar-winning Hathaway is in negotiations to star in Barbie, instead.

And while a Sony spokesperson has stressed to EW that Hathaway's role in Barbie is not a done deal, the news hasn't prevented Schumer from posting an endorsement of Hathaway on her Instagram account. In the post, Schumer says, “Hathaway smathaway. Jkjk she’s perfect!! Can’t wait to see it!”

Hathaway smathaway jkjk she's perfect!! Can't wait to see it!

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Should Hathaway end up committing to the project, it would be a big win for Sony. Hathaway has proven she can play across several different film genres, and her Best Supporting Actress Oscar win for Les Miserables certainly helps with the film's marketing. According to the studio, the premise of the Barbie film finds the iconic doll character after she's kicked out of Barbieland for being "imperfect," so she proceeds to set out on a real world adventure. Barbie is being directed by Aletha Jones, an indie helmer who's next film, Fun Mom Dinner (a comedy starring starring Toni Collette), will be released in theaters next week.

In addition, if and when Hathaway commits to Barbie, it will take the heat off of Schumer. Her announcement about departing from the film reportedly put a strain on Sony to meet deadlines not only on the film, but on the obvious marketing demands that come with it including Mattel commitment to produce merchandise tie-ins with the film. So, while the announcement of any replacement is likely music to the ears of Schumer, and the fact that it's a performer as high-profile as Hathaway is even better.

And while it's quite likely that Hathaway takes the role when all is said and done, fans of Schumer will still probably be wondering what kind of comedic spin the actress would have put on the film. Since Schumer built her career on filthy material (she went the R-rated route again on her most recently film, Snatched), Barbie no doubt would have been a challenge for her - since she would have had to adapted her bawdy style to PG film territory, as the film will likely be aimed at younger audiences.

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Source: Amy Schumer, EW

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