Barbarella Remake Gets a Writer

You just can't keep a good space girl down. First, the remake of Jane Fonda's 1968 campfest Barbarella rises from the ashes of Robert Rodriguez's now-defunct $70 million Heavy Metal-meets-Star Wars vision; then the newly resurrected Barbarella scores a fairly good director in the form of Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, 21). Now comes word that Barbarella has snagged a writer named...Joe Gazzam?

Never heard of him? Me either. And, according to his (brief) IMDB resume, neither has anyone...yet.In an effort to answer the question, Who is Joe Gazzam? I went searching on the Interweb and turned up the following info from the website Film Industry Bloggers:

Joe Gazzam recently sold his first two scripts, entitled “Scared Straight” and “Straight & Narrow”. He’s currently completing an assignment for Sony to write the film version of the hit TV show “21 Jump Street.” He also sold his first show entitled “Deputized” to the Sci-fi Network.

Ok, so, one mystery solved, which leads us to the next big question: why tap a relatively untested writer to handle the script for Barbarella? Maybe there is something specific about Gazzam's yet-to-be-seen writing style that the filmmakers thought echoed the tone of the film they want to make? Or is it that Gazzam - who does show promise, looking over that list of upcoming projects - was the best talent for their thrifty buck?

Can't say anything for sure until the script for Barbarella inevitably makes it's way online. I'm going to be very interested to see how Gazzam updates the campy, T&A mode of the original film into a modern “big intergalactic adventure with a sexy twist" that the filmmakers want this remake to be.

Are you familiar with Joe Gazzam? What do you think about him being tapped as the writer of Barbarella?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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