Barbarella Remake Has A New Director?

We reported last month that Robert Rodriguez's remake of Barbarella was dead. The reason, stated by Rodriguez himself, was that the German company that was putting up the whopping $70 million for the movie wanted him to shoot the film in Germany, which meant him spending a long time away from his kids. Rodriguez said he just couldn't do that, and decided to move onto other things.

However, those who still want a Barbarella remake, even without Rodriguez at the helm, need not fret: It looks like a new director is being eyed for the project.

Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, 21) is reportedly working with producer Dino De Laurentiis' company (who owns the rights to the original property) to develop Barbarella at a studio other than the German one Rodriguez turned down, with Luketic in the director's chair.

Details about the project are being kept firmly under wraps, including who's going to fill Jane Fonda's Barbarella boots. Rodriguez's one-time girlfriend, Rose McGowan, was originally set to star in the titular role of Barbarella, but lost the gig when she broke up with Rodriguez (he left his wife of over 10 years for her). Will she be back in the running to play Barbarella, now that her ex-boyfriend is out of the picture? I'd say it's entirely possible.

We do have a tagline that states the Barbarella remake will be, "a big intergalactic adventure with a sexy twist." Although that's certainly appealing, it doesn't really give us insight as to what shape the remake may take; it's basically a summation of the original movie.

Although the idea of Barbarella is definitely one that has potential  (the original is widely viewed as a sci-fi cult classic of sorts), I don't really know what a 21st century version would look like. Undoubtedly it would be worlds away from "real life" as we know it, but I just don't know if the type of cheesy, "exotic" sci-fi movie that it was originally can be translated into this day and age.

If anyone could have made Barbarella work, I think it would have been Rodriguez, since he's shown with his Grindhouse horror-comedy Planet Terror that he has a passion for cult-classic movies like Barbarella. Is it just me or does Luketic not seem at all like the right fit for the project? I mean, he has flair for making a movie fun (Legally Blonde is one of my guilty pleasures, I admit, and 21 was entertaining enough), but I can't really see the incentive in getting him to do a Barbarella remake.

What do you think of the Barbarella remake pushing forward without Robert Rodriguez? Do you think Robert Luketic is the right guy to direct?

Source: EW

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