First Look At Baracus in 'A-Team'

Last week we gave you a first look at the new A-Team and while the picture showed us Hannibal (Liam Neeson), Faceman (Bradley Cooper) and Murdock (Sharlto Copley), the ever iconic B.A. Baracus (Quinton "Rampage" Jackson) was somewhat hidden - but not anymore, as today we provide you with the first clear pictures of Baracus in full mohawked glory.

The photo, presumably taken while in-between shots, shows an ever-plump looking Jackson donning the familiar B.A. Baracus wardrobe and hair stylings. Unfortunately, there is not a single gold chain in sight.

Check out the photo below, but I have to warn you; It's not pretty. I never thought that "Rampage" Jackson was a good casting decision and while Mr. T may now be known as a parody of himself, back in the day he owned that role. From the pic it looks like the only "rolls" Rampage is owning are the fresh baked ones.

I know that Mr. T was never that "in-shape," but he never appeared to be over-weight. While I'm sure Mr. T and Rampage Jackson can both out-manly me at anytime, this re-imagining (or whatever they're calling it to get away with him looking so out-of-shape) just doesn't sit well with me.

This just proves that, once again, there's only one Mr. T and he can't be replicated.

So, now that you've seen the photo, what do you think of the new B.A. Baracus?

The A-Team will be released on June 11, 2010.

Source: Urdirt [via: Screen Crave

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