Bangkok Dangerous Poster

I could make a billion crude jokes about the title of this film, however I'm sure that you'd get a bigger kick trying to think of them yourself, so I won't spoil your fun, but I will point out that the tag-line for this film is:

"There's only one way out"

Anyway, Bangkok Dangerous is a new thriller starring the world's greatest Elvis memorabilia collector: Nicolas Cage.

Cage's name on a film can divide movie fans in an instant, I really like the dude. I watched The Rock recently and it still rocks (see what I did there) after 12 years. The Rock was Cage's first action film, and at the time few believed that he could play an action hero . Now most people know Cage as an action blockbuster star. Funny what a few movies can do.

Well, it's now time for Cage to pull off that action hero thing one more time in Bangkok Dangerous, an action thriller that looks a little bit Bourne, a little bit Bond and all Nic Cage, right down to crazy hair and a Hawaiian shirt.

Bangkok Dangerous is a remake of a 1999 film directed by Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang.I've never heard of the original film which IMDB says is:

"The story is of a deaf-mute hit-man and his partner who are based in Bangkok."

From the trailer (see it here) of the Cage film (again directed by the bothers Pang) it doesn't look like the lead character is deaf, mute or that he has a partner. It does look cool though, and I'm all for an adult oriented action movie.

What is interesting is the movie's poster, the major selling point is Nic Cage's face. Let's be honest, he's quite a strange looking fellow, so this poster is kinda creepy.

It's just a shame that the marketing bods decided not to include that hair.

Bangkok Dangerous opens on August 22, 2008.

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