10 References In Bandersnatch That Tie It To The Black Mirror Universe

Black Mirror's anthology of stories taking place in one universe may seem far fetched at first. However, fans have proven possible connections through the many Easter Eggs that are present in each episode. In fact, even theoretical time lines have been made to show how the series can all be in one universe over a long span of time. To make the matter even more real, Black Mirror's creator Charlie Booker says that they all are in one universe. Does that make it canon? It's doesn't have to be since there is such a concept as Death of the Writer that renders their words obsolete if it's not proven in their work. Sorry writers. If you believe in that concept, it's ultimately up to you.

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We have had articles before that showed the connections between Black Mirror episodes but what about the film, Bandersnatch? Is it a part of the possible universe? Do we have proof? Well, here is proof that is may be connected to the episodes.

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10 Metalhead

The poster based off the episode "Metalhead" was the most obvious Easter Egg put into Bandersnatch. Except in Bandersnatch, it's not reality but a video game created by Colin Ritman. Does that mean the episode we saw was actually video game content? Maybe. That could explain why only that episode is black and white but that is just one of many theories. There are other theories that "Metalhead" takes place not in another world but very far into the future of the Black Mirror universe. Whatever the case may be, it's an obvious connection to another piece of the Black Mirror franchise.

9 White Bear

The glyph that becomes the center of obsession and paranoia in Bandersnatch was actually seen before in the Black Mirror series. It was in the episode "White Bear" where a woman is attacked by people wearing masks while filming her with their phones. We later learn that her experience is actually a sentence for a crime she has done, and she gets her memories wiped and has to deal with people (who are actually tourists to pay to do this) mess with her every day.

Among the masks the people wear in "White Bear" is this glyph. It's also painted a bunch in red in a photo from the episode, but was thinner in design.

8 San Junipero

This is an easily miss-able connection if you did not have eagle-eyes. The building that the protagonist, Stefan, visits for his regular therapy sessions is called "Saint Juniper." Just translate that to Spanish and it's a match to "San Junipero." It was definitely done by the creators on purpose (we already know they love making Easter Eggs), but it does create a lot of questions as to whether there is a prominent connection between the two.

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San Junipero was the name of a virtual reality beach town where the consciousnesses of the dead is uploaded and can basically go party forever. The big question is, how could this building and that virtual town be connected?

7 Paper References

If you want to hunt Easter Eggs down yourself for Black Mirror, here is a hint: they love to make connections via news headlines. In Bandersnatch, we see multiple Easter Eggs in one single screenshot of the paper. There is one on a "Love Machine" that will find the perfect match. That sounds like the software in "Hang the DJ." Also the company that developing the said machine is also the same company that made the technology for the plot of "Be Right Back."

Besides that headline, there is another relating to the episode "15 Million Merits" where it says a new and upcoming talent series is coming under the headline "15 Million Talent Team." Lastly, it references the episode "USS Callister" with a headline about the show "Space Fleet."

6 News References

References to Black Mirror's first episode where a Prime Minister has to make love to a pig to save a princess is all over the series. Bandersnatch is no exception. In one clip we see the news and at the bottom is the headline "Former PM Michael Callow Wins Celebrity Bake Off." Well, that's possibly the most positive news that man has gotten.

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If you continue reading the headlines, you'll also see a reference to "Hated in the Nation" where a headline reads "Granular To Unveil Prototype 'Pollinator Drone."

5 Wraith’s Gold Band Cigarettes

This connection would only be noticed by the most hardcore and eagle eyed of Black Mirror fans. In Bandersnatch, Stefan's dad smokes cigarettes. If you zoom in on their package and freeze the frame, you can see the brand is called "Wraith's Gold Band Cigarettes."

If that sounds familiar, Wraith is one of the judges from the "Hot Shot" talent show in "Fifteen Million Merits." He was notable for not only being a judge, but for having a adult show called "WraithBabes." So he would be famous enough to have his own brand of cigarettes.

4 Tuckersoft Industry

Tuckersoft is the video game making industry that Bandersnatch centers around. There is a pretty big theory that Tuckersoft become a different company known in the Black Mirror universe simply known as "TCKR." The letters do appear to form a shorthanded version of Tuckersoft, but there is more evidence than just that similarity.

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TCKR created San Junipero, the virtual beach-side town for the dead's consciousnesses to be uploaded in. That is particularly interesting since Tuckersoft is in the same area as Saint Juniper's medical clinic where Stefan meets with his therapist. TCKR is not just related to San Junipero. It also appears in other episodes and is a part of many Black Mirror theories.

3 Dr. Haynes

Stefan's therapist, Dr. Haynes, shares the surname of a prominent character from the Black Mirror series. In the episode "Black Museum," the proprietor's name is Rolo Haynes. If all Black Mirror stories coexist in the same universe and a timeline is to be concrete and believed, then Stefan's therapist may be an ancestor to the Black Museum's proprietor.

2 The Waldo Moment And Crocodile

There are yet even more references to previous Black Mirror episodes in Bandersnatch's news crawl. One states "Liam Monroe Enters Buckingham Palace." That's an easy one to see and not think about,  unless you remember that name from the episode "The Waldo Moment." In that episode, Liam Monroe was the antagonist and served as a politician of the conservative party.

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Besides that reference, there is the next news headline that says "UK Police Test Groundbreaking Memory Recall Device." This could refer to the memory recall tech the police use in the episode "Crocodile."

1 Playtest Magazine

Here is something a little different from everything else listed. What makes it different is that it's a Bandersnatch reference in a Black Mirror episode rather than the other way around. That is pretty interesting considering that Bandersnatch did not yet come out when the episode aired.

In the episode "Playtest" we see a fictional magazine. The magazine lists reviews and one of the reviews is for "Bandersnatch."

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