Bam Margera's Mom Is Desperate But Hopeful that Dr. Phil Can Help

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Bam Margera's mom, April, is desperate but hopeful that Dr. Phil can help her son get sober. The TV psychologist, and host of Dr. Phil, recently sat down with the former reality star following an emotional outburst on Instagram.

Margera was once the star of MTV's Jackass, a reality show that followed him and his friends, including actor Johnny Knoxville, as they pulled pranks on their family members and performed dangerous stunts in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. In the years since the show has been off the air - it was canceled in 2002 - Margera has admittedly struggled with alcoholism and addiction. Despite entering a rehab program earlier this year following a meltdown at a comedy club, Margera has had a difficult time maintaining his sobriety. That's when he shared an emotional plea on Instagram, begging Dr. Phil for his help. The post - which included some not-so-nice things about April - got the doctor's attention and the two had a one-on-one session in the studio - sans an audience - during which time Dr. Phil urged the former reality star to go to rehab. Now, April is speaking out, and desperately hopes her son can find the help he needs.

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April told TMZ that she and her family feel at the "end of [their] rope" when it comes to Margera's addiction issues. While her son is on his way to rehab following a three-hour session with Dr. Phil, April isn't 100-percent confident it'll be successful. She's not sure Margera will stick with the 60-90 days of the program or commit to a sober life after leaving the facility. April, who participated in the Dr. Phil segment along with Margera's wife, Nicole Boyd, said her son's social media rant was "embarrassing" and explained that he was lashing out at those closest to him.

Bam Margera's Mom Hopes Dr. Phil Can Help

In the Instagram video, which has since been deleted, Margera looked visibly upset as he explained that he "disowned" his mother after she didn't express enough concern when he had a near-death experience. He said she'd acted as though the "Phillies lost." Margera also didn't have nice things to say about his wife Boyd, whom he said he "can't stand." He then accused her of potentially using their 18-month-old son, Phoenix Wolf, as "bait" in a custody battle. Margera begged Dr. Phil to save his family from "falling apart for good." While the video has been deleted, Margera continues to post on Instagram despite being on his way to treatment. He most recently asked Dr. Phil producers to connect him to scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Fans and followers have urged Margera to stay off social media during this time and focus on his health. Hopefully, he'll listen to them. Despite several unsuccessful stints in rehab in the past, April and the rest of the family are hopeful that this next program will be the one that finally works.

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Source: TMZ, Bam Margera

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