'Ballers' Trailer #2: Time to Monetize Your Friendships

Those who can't do - manage. At least, that looks to be the case with The Rock's character, Spencer Strassmore, in HBO's new original series, Ballers - set to premiere this Summer. The show centers on Spencer (Dwayne Johnson's character) as he navigates his way through the football management world, after using up all of the possible fuel in his own professional career. He works alongside Joe (Rob Corddry) to manage and help his clients, friends, and families through the glamour and grime of professional sports.

It's clear though, that Spencer misses being the one on the field, which is a theme many different writers have played around with for years - when the athlete can't compete anymore, what then? It looks like Ballers will be asking that question in an interesting way, as Spencer works to establish his new life, while constantly being reminded of the one he once had.

A new trailer (see above) for the series was released today - focusing heavily on the glamorous side of the business, while hinting at the pain and frustration lying underneath Spencer's cool, calm, and collected persona. The second trailer, like the first, plays along at a fast pace - giving glimpses into each of the central characters, along with some of the clients that audiences will get to see Spencer and Joe handle this season. It has a vibe of some previous HBO shows, but looks like something wholly original among HBO's lineup at the same time.

Second Trailer For HBO's Ballers

Ballers is also notable as it shows yet another blockbuster, A-list actor joining the TV realm - providing more evidence that as the number of viewers turning into the small screen for thought-provoking and dense material grows, a larger number of movie stars may begin looking at those televisison spec scripts on their desks for a change. The platform has not only been proven to hold some of the highest quality of entertainment, but has the ability to both launch and rejuvenate careers at the same time - making it a tempting option for both rookies and veterans in the industry.

Similarly, Ballers looks like an intriguing and surprising addition to HBO's show roster - one that may turnout all the better, thanks to the charismatic and powerful star power of its leads. Whether or not the series will fly so well with audiences like the network's past hit shows have is another matter... but if HBO's track record is any indication, then Ballers just might become a breakout hit of the summer.


Ballers is set to premiere on HBO on Sunday, June 21st, 2015.

Source: HBO

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