Ranking The Top Ten Most Badass Justice League Heroes

The DC roster of superheroes is staggeringly large, but one team remains superior over the rest. The best of the best become a part of the Justice League.

Members of the Justice League are the cream of the crop, due to being the protectors of earth and all. You’ve clearly got a team of badasses here, and today we’ll be taking a look at this team, and ranking the top ten badass members of the League. These are the heroes you want jumping to your defense in a fight. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list.

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The Flash Multiverse Kara Power Girl

Living in the shadow of the most powerful superhero there is, that’s not an easy task. Power Girl does it with ease though. An Earth-Two counterpart to both Superman and Supergirl, Power Girl is blessed with many of the same powers as the two.

However, her defiant and powerful attitude is what sets her apart from those two. She’s never afraid to help those in need, and will gladly stand up to any villain that tries to stop her, no matter how strong they might be.

9 Zatanna

The most powerful magician in the world, Zatanna is not one to be messed with. Originally joining the League while on a quest to find her missing father, she quickly proved her worth to the team due to the sheer amount of power she had.

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Controlling the elements, conjuring illusions and casting spells are just some of her abilities. When the entire Justice League goes to you about questions they don’t have the answers to, you’re certainly someone special.

8 Green Lantern

There have been a lot of Green Lanterns over the years, with Hal Jordan being one of the most recognizable. However, if you’re a Green Lantern, you’re badass. Period. The ring that gives these heroes their powers chooses them, not the other way around.

Thus, if a ring that gives you incredible powers and abilities inducts you into what is essentially the most powerful police force of the entire universe, you’re pretty badass.

7 Red Tornado

Despite being an android sent to destroy the Justice League, the Red Tornado managed to overcome this, and instead became a respected hero in the League.

His massive powers let him to just about anything, but his commitment to become as human as possible is what grants him a spot on this list. Kind and caring, Red Torando wants the best for everyone around him, while still being an incredibly powerful badass.

6 Aquaman

Aquaman Jason Momoa Movie Poster Cropped

Sure, Aquaman is the butt of many jokes, but no matter what you say about him, Aquaman is not one to be messed with. While most of the continuities display him as his usual blonde-haired self, the DCEU variant featured Jason Mamoa taking up the mantle of a more “bro” version of the hero.

Nevertheless, even on land all of the different Aquamen are a powerful force to be reckoned with that fight for justice. Don’t even try to take him underwater. That’s a battle you’re doomed to lose.

5 Cyborg

Young Justice Outsiders GeoForce Cyborg Halo Beast Boy

A half-man, half-cyborg entity, the aptly named Cyborg was created by Silas Sone after his son was left almost dead following an accident. Silas ended up creating one of the most powerful superheroes there is. Cyborg holds resentment toward his father and himself for what he has become, but he channels that anger into helping keep the world safe from those who try to harm it.

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A founding member of the League (depending on your choice of continuity), Cyborg has the power of both man and machinery on his side and can take out just about anyone that opposes him.

4 Superman

The original superhero, Superman is the most powerful man there is when it comes to DC. Superman has just about every power there is at his disposal. Heat vision, super strength, super speed, flight, it’s all there.

The residents of earth are lucky that Superman chose to be a hero, we’ve seen what happens when he is a villain. With almost no one being able to stand up to Superman and his powers, he is one of the most badass superheroes of all time.

3 Green Arrow

Green Arrow is one hero that is not afraid to take down anyone that he believes is a wrong-doer, no matter their affiliation. Green Arrow fights for those who cannot fight for themselves in a Robin Hood-like manner, and his archery skills are second to none.

Using his vast array of archery and other abilities, he makes quick work of anyone who thinks to try and take him down. He will speak out against even his fellow Justice League members when he believes them of any wrongdoing. When your power is a bow and arrow and you’re willing to go up against Superman, that’s saying something.

2 Batman

Young Justice Harley Quinn Batman

Would any list of badass superheroes be complete without the brooding bat himself, Batman? A billionaire that decided he would use his massive wealth to become a vigilante hero, Batman protects Gotham (and the world) with every ounce of his strength.

An adept fighter, Batman has no powers besides his wits and weaponry. Despite that, he is one of the most powerful forces that the Justice League has to offer, proving just how truly badass he is.

1 Wonder Woman

In a previous entry, we discussed the sheer power that Superman holds. The strongest there is in the DC Universe. However, there is one hero that has the power to stand against Superman, and that is Wonder Woman.

The Amazonian warrior is incredibly powerful, and the combat abilities that she has been trained in since being a young girl are what allow her to stand toe-to-toe against even Superman. Her unwavering commitment to serving those who need her is incredible. No matter what, Wonder Woman is willing to throw herself onto the front lines to protect those who need her. If you need any evidence of her badassery, just rewatch the No Man’s Land scene from her live-action theatrical debut.

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