Bad TV movies: Enough already!

There's one thing I don't get when it comes to movies. Why is it that when you see them in the theaters, they're almost always better than the ones made for TV? The latest example is the TV-movie adaptation of Scott Turow's Reversible Errors. I was dumb enough to watch it. It wasn't just bad, it was terrible. It was horribly miscast, the storyline was confusing at best, and the multiple love triangles all had practically no chemistry. That was a real surprise, considering that one of the eventual couples consisted of William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman, who are married in real life. My general rule is that when people who are married in real life can't even show chemistry on screen, there's trouble afoot for the couple, the production, or both.

What was up with a great actor like William H. Macy showing up in a B-grade production like this? Did he really need a paycheck that badly, or did his wife (who also starred in the movie) talk him into it? And whose bright idea was it to cast Monica Potter? Her dull performances make Al Gore seem positively electrifying.

Lesson learned. No more TV movies anytime soon. I'm also less inclined to read anything by Scott Turow. The bad TV movie production values may not have been his fault, but when your name is plastered all over something that sucks, you suffer nonetheless. Stephen King suffered from the same problem back in the 80's.


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