CBS Developing 'Bad Teacher' TV Series

CBS is turning the raunchy comedy film 'Bad Teacher' into a TV series from director Jake Kasdan and 'Office' writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg.

Bad Teacher - Cameron Diaz

Last summer the raunchy comedy Bad Teacher - starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel - hit theaters, and the modestly budgeted comedy was quite a success pulling in over $216 million at the worldwide box office.

Now Bad Teacher will be looking for successful television ratings as the comedy from director Jake Kasdan and The Office writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg is being adapted into a TV series at CBS.

The film followed an ill-mannered, irresponsible, weed-smoking, gold-digging teacher (Diaz) who tries to woo a wealthy fellow teacher (Timberlake) in order to live the good life with little to no effort. Of course, she ends up finding true love and a satisfying life with the school gym teacher (Segel). It's not hard to see how this story can translate to TV - something like New Girl but with a far less charming lead character and a little less hipster and indie sensibilities.

Bad Teacher - Diaz, Segel and Timberlake

THR  reports Hilary Winston (who has written for series like Happy Endings, Community and My Name is Earl) will script the series and executive produce along with Eisenberg and Stupnitsky. Winston has been busy working on getting a series of her own off the ground for awhile as she developed the workplace comedy Happy Valley this past fall, but NBC passed on the series which would have starred Freddie Prinze Jr. and Mena Suvari. In addition, she's also working on Girls on Film, a comedy about three best friends who are all single at 30 with different levels of dating experience. The project already has a script plus penalty commitment from NBC.

The question is who will step up to lead this series? Abby Elliott recently departed Saturday Night Live and has been looking for her own TV series to lead, and this could be right up her alley. Or maybe once The Office concludes, Jenna Fischer could show a different side to her comedic chops. Stay tuned as this project develops.


Source: THR

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