Bad Santa 2 Red Band Trailer & Images: Willie's Badder Than Ever

Bad Santa 2 Santa Fight Still

Fans of the original cult-hit holiday comedy of 2003 are no doubt looking forward to the theatrical release of Bad Santa 2 later this fall. The sequel was directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls) and features the cantankerous Willie T. Soke (Billy Bob Thornton), whose seasonal vocation as a shopping mall Santa was an unexpected hit with certain movie viewers the first go around. Serving as a followup to the last time Thornton put on the iconic red suit, Bad Santa 2 is sure to serve up plenty of ill-advised criminal shenanigans and holiday cheer ten-plus years later.

Based on the events depicted in director Terry Zwigoff's preceding adult-oriented comedy, Bad Santa 2 already looks to be a bold return to the kind of humor that made the first movie such a subversive success. Following the release of the film's teaser trailer, things appear to be going full steam ahead in the production of the forthcoming holiday movie event. This can be further attested to in the new Bad Santa 2 red band trailer.

In the footage featured above, distributor Broad Green Pictures promises another stirring take down of all of the joy and goodwill otherwise associated with the holiday season thematically featured in Bad Santa 2. Furthermore, much of the gang from the first film is back for more (sans the late Bernie Mac and John Ritter), making Waters' new movie a more than worthy successor to Zwigoff's original studio comedy.

Check out the latest official stills and teaser poster for Bad Santa 2, below:

Bad Santa 2 Santa Fight Still

Bad Santa 2 Willie and Marcus Still

Bad Santa 2 Willie and Thurman Still

Bad Santa 2 Willie Thurman Still

Bad Santa 2 Teaser Poster

Based on all of the footage assembled thus far, Thornton looks to be badder than ever as small time crook Willie T. Soke, and his ever-present dwarf sidekick Marcus (Tony Cox) and oversized sycophant Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly) are right there with him in the thick of things. Waters has quiet a bit to live up to if he hopes to capture all of the bad behavior that made the first movie such an unexpected holiday staple, though it looks like his Bad Santa sequel might be even more uproarious than the original.

Fans of the franchise certainly have something to look forward to seeing when Bad Santa 2 sees theatrical release later this fall, and with any luck the new movie will become just as much of a cult-classic as the original studio comedy that directly preceded it. Thornton is always a welcome presence on the big screen, and his latest off-brand production looks like another winning entry in a career made on the backs of unconventional theatrical outings.

Bad Santa 2 will see theatrical release in the U.S. on November 23, 2016.

Source: Broad Green Pictures

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