Bad Santa 2 Director Mark Waters Explains Film's Raunchy Humor

Bad Santa 2 Santa Fight Still

Mean Girl’s Director Mark Waters is known for directing his fair share of comedies; therefore it should be no surprise that he was set to film this year's dark comedy - Bad Santa 2.

Screen Rant sat down with Waters at the film’s L.A. Press Day to discuss being offended, staying true to the first film, and shooting scenes in Montreal…beware of spoilers!!!

Congratulations on the film, Mark!

Waters: Thank you! Did you watch the movie?

Of course I watched the movie.

Waters: Offended or loved it?

I loved it!

Waters: Okay good.

No, I’m not offended.

Waters: Or offended AND loved it.

Bad Santa 2 Santa Fight Still

Not even offended, its my type of humor. I like that raunchy, crude-half the things that Willie were saying are things that I kind of wanted to say out loud, you know what I mean? When you suppress it a little bit?

Waters: Yeah.

So I appreciated that!

Waters: I think that’s what Willie’s like, people love him because he says the things you’re thinking, and doesn’t feel at all embarrassed about it.

No, he’s his rawest self and you even said that I think, in the production notes, that everybody has a bit of Willie in them, and I completely agree.

Waters: He’s old school, you know?

Very! I actually noticed a few consistencies between Bad Santa and Bad Santa 2. From the sex jokes and even with Billy Bob Thornton when he is screaming with food in his mouth, were some of those details in mind or important to you when making the second film?

Waters: Yeah, we wanted to consciously do some homages to the first movie. There’s that fine line between, are we just going to rip off the same gags and kind of making the same movie? Or are you taking it knowing there are certain touchstone moments that you want to kind of feel like, okay we’re going to pay that off here. You know, and having him beat up that Santa because he’s kind of a perv is something we kind of take pleasure in. Like, ‘wow he’s beating up another Santa!’ It’s like him beating up that bully kid. It’s kind of weird watching him beat up this kid but I’m kind of enjoying it, you know? So we had a little bit of consciousness of that but also trying to not be lame about it and just feel like we are duplicating the other movie either.

Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox in Bad Santa 2

I didn’t think that at all, I thought you guys did a really good job of staying consistent but also making it it’s own separate movie. I really enjoyed it.

Waters: Great.

Was it difficult finding and coordinating all those Santa’s for the Santa Con scene?

Waters: Oh yeah! That was a deal. There’s Santa Con conferences and then there’s other gatherings in people dressed up in Christmas stuff. We looked at them all and studied them and went okay these are all good but now I want to do something five times as big and way more intense so we did a lot with crowd duplication, you probably know, with visual effects. I don’t need half that big a crowd, then just move people around. But we had three nights, shooting all night in the cold of Montreal basically trying to create this raging party. The idea that she would disappear into a sea of Santa’s, and that was her plan to get away the whole time, always seemed really fun. Then it just so happened they had this skating rink in the middle of the plaza and we said, well why don’t we just do the whole thing, the final shootout on the skating rink? And then that became another whole thing to do just because we like to make life difficult for ourselves.

(Laughs) Right. In Montreal, with the snow, outside.

Waters:  It was fun!

Bad Santa 2 Willie and Thurman Still

Can your fans expect a Bad Santa 3? Or is it too premature to ask?

Waters: It is too premature to ask, but I have to say that Billy and I talk about it and the first thing we say is, ‘what warm weather environment can we shoot in?”

(Laughs) Let’s go back to Arizona!

Waters: We have a whole concept of Las Vegas but like, the dirty part of Las Vegas. Off the strip, you know? And it’s like the ugly Ocean’s Eleven. There’s something to be done there, we’ll figure it out.

Alright, well I’m looking forward to it. Thank you so much I appreciate your time.

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