Exclusive Bad Santa 2 TV Spot: Back in the Suit Again

Bad Santa 2 Willie and Marcus Still

Leading up to the release of the holiday comedy sequel Bad Santa 2, which once again stars Billy Bob Thornton (Fargo) as the consistently ill-tempered Willie T. Soke, there has already been plenty of red band trailer material for fans of the franchise to enjoy. Directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls) - who takes the wheel from original movie director Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World) - the sequel is all set to see Thornton back as the eponymous mall santa/con-man.

Also featuring returning co-star Tony Cox (Oz the Great and Powerful) as Willie's chief partner in holiday themed crime - in addition to the introduction of Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates (American Horror Story) as Sunny Soke and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as the seeming do-gooder Diane - Bad Santa 2 should please fans of the original cult classic comedy. Though the new movie arrives over ten years after the first film, it would appear that Waters and company have a real crowd-pleaser on their hands, as further evidenced by the latest TV spot.

Featured above, the new promo promises another suitable badly-behaved installment in the life and misadventures of Willie T. Soke. It features plenty of foul-mouthed behavior and Christmas season shenanigans for moviegoers to enjoy, demonstrating a flair for the kind of raunchy humor that made the first film so memorable. It's certainly a smart piece of counter-programming for Disney's animated family adventure Moana and war-time romance Allied, which both release on the same day.

Bad Santa 2 Willie and Marcus Still

Despite the fact that former executive producers Joel and Ethan Coen (Hail, Caesar!) will not be returning for the sequel, things appear to be looking up when it comes to keeping the spirit of the original alive in the making of Bad Santa 2. Furthermore, Waters has proven himself to be a capable filmmaker in the realm of the studio comedy over the years, and as such was a decent choice to take on Bad Santa's sophomore outing.

It remains to be seen how many potential moviegoers will turn out to see Bad Santa 2 in theaters later this holiday season, but with any luck those who do will not be disappointed. Thornton's turn as the foul-mouthed Willie T. Soke from the original movie in 2003 left a lasting impression that still makes it a fun, irreverent title to break out at holiday gathering, and it has enough fans that the sequel could get a warm reception as we head into the chilly winter months.

Bad Santa 2 opens in theaters this Thanksgiving!

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