Bad News For Iron Man Fans?

"[It will be] more mechanical than high-tech - that's the way to go on that."

and he referred to his vision of Tony Stark's armor as:

"[a] flying tin can..."

The problem is I don't know if Iron Man will do well enough to make a sequel a possibility. If he was a more generally well-known character (like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc.) I wouldn't be so concerned, because they could make this movie more of an origin story, thus highlighting the original version of the armor.

However, I would think that with the ton of superhero movies Marvel has on its slate, one would assume that this is a one-shot deal, and I don't want Iron Man immortalized on the big screen in a big, clunky suit along the lines of the movie Steel, or even clunkier than that.

Iron Man has always been about high tech, not "clunky". The thing that really shocks me about this is the fact that although in the comic book the armor has been getting more mechanical, and for lack of a better word, realistic, it certainly hasn't been turned into a big tin can. He makes it sound like the movie will use Tony Stark's orginal silver armor throughout the entire thing.

Bad, bad, bad...

Source: Moviehole

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