10 Hilariously Bad Horror Movies on Netflix

Sometimes the best comedy movies are those not intended to be funny - think The Room. This is especially prevalent in the horror genre, where one misplaced line or shoddy effect can shatter a scene's tension so abruptly that viewers can't help but chuckle in response.

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Now, that doesn't mean you should go put on the first poorly-received horror flick you find on Netflix in hope of a good laugh, because not all bad horror movies are funny - sometimes they're just plain boring. But fear not, we've done the prep work and compiled a list of the 10 most hilariously bad horror movies available on Netflix.

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10 The Open House (2018)

The Open House, for the most part, is a painfully dull garbage heap of thoughtlessly sewn-together ideas that manages to hold your attention only by making you wonder if and how it manages to tie it all together. Spoiler alert: it doesn't. This is another example of movie that's a lot of fun to pick apart and expose, weakly held together by the performances of its leading cast.

Then, the ending... oh, the ending. It's an incongruous, anticlimactic resolution seemingly designed to insult the viewer for spending 90 minutes of their time watching The Open House. But the joke's on them, because The Open House is just bad enough to be genuinely, unintentionally funny.

9 American Poltergeist (2015)

In contrast to some other films on this list, where the entertainment value is in how ridiculous the plot and characters are, American Poltergeist is fun to watch solely due to how poorly-made it is. The acting, story, cinematography, effects, and writing are each so shockingly amateurish that it's a wonder how it made it to Netflix in the first place.

If this were a first-year film student's very first assignment, the professor would urge them toward a different career path. Admittedly, American Poltergeist isn't laugh-out-loud funny. Instead, it's a fascinating feat of incompetence at every level and something every bad-movie-enthusiast needs to see to believe.

8 American Poltergeist 2 (2013)

Before you ask - no, the above release year is not a typo. American Poltergeist 2 was released two years before American Poltergeist. Apparently, the film originally had another title, and was renamed subsequently, as if it would benefit from the name recognition.

Regardless, the sequel to one of the horror genre's darkest blemishes only succeeds the original by managing even more contemptible characters, cruder cinematography, and a less comprehensible screenplay. Like its "predecessor," American Poltergeist 2 should only be viewed as an instructional on how not to make a movie, mesmerizing only in its sheer ineptitude and lack of focus. The only frightening thing about this movie is the thought that someone figured it was worth making, but at least it's fun to laugh about.

7 Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)

Day of the Dead: Bloodline would be an abhorrent insult to the work of the late George Romero if it weren't so enjoyably awful. If it didn't bear the Day of the Dead namesake, Bloodline would be considered an innocent, albeit hilariously awful, stab at reinventing the overdone zombie genre.

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Taken without the pretext of Romero's genius, there's a lot of fun to be had with Day of the Dead: Bloodline, weather or not any of it was intentional. For instance, the zombies, adorned with the entrails of their victims, bite with cataclysmic force, making human bodies explode under pressure. Ridiculousness abound, Day of the Dead: Bloodline is a joy to watch, as long as the viewer can distinguish its namesake from history and see it for what it is: stupid fun, plain and simple.

6 Truth or Dare (2017)

Truth or Dare (2017) shouldn't be confused with the truly awful 2018 horror film of the same name, although it's just as bad, if not worse. The three-word title neatly summarizes the plot, in which a small group of college kids becomes trapped in a deadly game of truth or dare.

It's a tough situation in which to be found, for sure, but the characters act so shockingly witless that it's hard to feel sympathetic to their predicament. There are probably a hundred different strategies one might conjure up to mitigate the consequences of the game's cruel parameters, and not one logical move is employed by Truth or Dare's terminally-foolish cast of characters. Thankfully, watching them stumble into catastrophe never gets old.

5 Satanic (2016)

One thing that sets the mood for a weekend at the Coachella music festival is a detour into a demon-hunt around Los Angeles. That's the setting where our ill-fated cast of party-hungry college students find themselves in Satanic. Soon after they discover the occult is a total buzzkill is when the fun begins.

Forget the fact that Satanic insensibly avoids showing the kill shot during death scenes, it's hard not to smile at the relentless, generic expressions of the stupid college student stereotype, laughable CGI, and mind-numbing dialogue. Satanic gets everything so perfectly wrong that it's just so perfectly right for a night of bad horror movie indulgence.

4 Most Likely to Die (2015)

In Most Likely to Die, a ten-year high school reunion brings together a group of former classmates for a party. Never mind the fact that a 40-year-old Perez Hilton portrays one of the classmates, who presumably are in their late 20s, this might be the least-convincing cast of characters featured in this list, largely by fault of the awkward, contrived script.

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On paper, Most Likely to Die could be written off as a generic slasher at worst, and a nostalgic throwback at best. But it's the cringe-worthy character interactions and their impossibly dense problem-solving that make Most Likely to Die a gleefully stupid horror movie to watch.

3 Haunting on Fraternity Row (2018)

A movie about a bunch of frat boys and sorority girls throwing "the best party in the world" in a haunted house is bound to incite hilarity, but Haunting on Fraternity Row goes above and beyond with enchantingly bad acting, unintelligible plot developments, and droll characters. Haunting on Fraternity Row pulls all the stops to entertain its audience, and succeeds in spades, just not in the way it intends.

There's never a dull moment, every scene outpacing the last in comic narrative blunders and outrageous dialogue. To its credit, Haunting on Fraternity Row is occasionally funny on purpose, with some genuinely amusing fraternity stereotypes and mindless banter.

2 Friend Request (2016)

Friend Request attempts to make a socially-aware statement on the perils of social media addiction, but fails by assuming its audience is as vapid and insecure as its lead protagonist. The conceit itself, and the way it assumes the rapid loss of Facebook friends would make any sane person dwindle into insanity, is one feature-length joke that never stops being funny.

Intertwined with witchcraft and dark rituals, Friend Request never wants for things happening, which makes viewing its silly, melodramatic characters bumble through the messy plot that much more mindlessly enjoyable. Friend Request might be the most technically well-made entry on this list, with passable actors and direction, but its utter failure to deliver its central message with any precision is bad horror at its finest.

1 Jason X (2001)

The Friday the 13th franchise, while rarely considered a touchstone of the slasher genre, is well-loved for its campy charm, iconic killer, and creative death scenes. Unfortunately, you can only make so many movies about a machete-wielding mutant hacking up inebriated teens outside a lake before the formula turns stale.

So instead of cutting its losses, the series continued into some truly bizarre territory, including one entry where Jason winds up in outer space, circa 2455. Jason X is stupid creativity at its finest, not to mention bloody hilarious. Better yet, the movie boasts some of the franchise's most inventive kills, which include a sequence where Jason freezes a character's head in liquid nitrogen before smashing it to smithereens

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