Black Panther's Winston Duke Wants to Make a Bad Boys Reboot

Winston Duke wants to star in a reboot of Bad Boys alongside his Black Panther co-star Daniel Kaluuya. The early response to Black Panther has been nothing short of spectacular, and likely means only bigger things to come for many of those involved. One of the movie's true breakout stars was Duke as M'Baku, the leader of the Jabari tribe. Thankfully, he's already been shown to be in Avengers: Infinity War, meaning audiences won't have to wait too long to see him again.

Since that appearance was already in the bag before Black Panther's box office dominance began, Duke and several of his co-stars are surely going to be highly sought after in Hollywood. What the future holds for Duke isn't yet clear, but it should be rather big. As it turns out, he's got his sights placed on a reboot of a big franchise.

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In an interview with The Deadline Podcast, Duke was asked what reboot he'd want to star in, and immediately pitched a new Bad Boys where he and Daniel Kaluuya star together. Considering Duke's name being much bigger after Black Panther and Kaluuya breaking out in Get Out early last year, the chances of this happening may not be too slim - even if this is just a hope from Duke.

Duke and Kaluuya don't have much screen time together in Black Panther, but it's easy to see the pairing could work. Duke would likely fill the role made famous by Will Smith (Mike Lowrey) in this hypothetical reboot, while Kaluuya could step in and replace Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett). The hosts of the podcast even suggested Ryan Coogler as the director, which wouldn't be a bad call. After all three worked together on Black Panther, why not team them up again for a Bad Boys reboot. And they could get Michael B. Jordan to play the villain just to keep the collaboration going.

The chances of an actual Bad Boys reboot doesn't appear to be likely however. Bad Boys 3 once again received new life a month ago when new directors were named. The hope is to film later this year with both Smith and Lawrence returning. While it wouldn't be a starring role, Sony could still make Duke's dreams somewhat of a reality by casting him and Kaluuya as the new young hot shots that Lowrey and Burnett have to work with. If that's what it takes to make this happen, and then Duke and Kaluuya take over for Bad Boys 4, then it could be the best of both worlds. Either way, we can only hope Duke gets his wish and lines up a role in a future Bad Boys movie.

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Source: The Deadline Podcast

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