Bad Boys 3 Removed From Sony's Release Slate

Bad Boys - Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Bad Boys for Life has officially been removed from Sony's release slate of forthcoming feature length productions. After spending several years in various states of pre-production beleaguered by multiple release date delays, things were finally starting to come together late last year for the much anticipated franchise sequel to the first two films starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Designed as a buddy cop comedy, Bad Boys saw initial theatrical release in 1995. Directed by Michael Bay, the blockbuster production eventually spawned the sequel Bad Boys 2 in 2003 -  which was also helmed by Bay. The second film in the franchise quickly proved to be another financial success, and is still a frequently cited fan favorite among action movie connoisseurs - though it would appear the future of Bad Boys for Life is still uncertain. 

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According to Coming Soon, during a recent shakeup behind the scenes at Sony, a number of forthcoming theatrical releases have received new release dates - most notably including the Marvel Comics adaptation Silver and Black, the live action Barbie movie, and the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly studio comedy Holmes & Watson. In addition, Bad Boys for Life has been removed from Sony's release slate.

Bad Boys 3 gets a new title and release date

Following its move to a November 2018 release date earlier this year, the state of things in regards to Bad Boys for Life is headed for more turmoil. This past March, the movie lost director Joe Carnahan (The Grey), leaving the long-gestating production without a leader. Speaking to said shakeup, two-time franchise helmer Bay lamented the lack of momentum in finally getting the movie off the ground.

Unfortunately for fans of the original films, Bad Boys for Life is looking like a less and less likely possibility with every passing day. Despite the fact that Smith and Lawrence are ready and willing to make the new movie, moviegoers may never be graced by the likes of Miami Police Department narcotics division detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) ever again.

Then again, maybe Sony will come back around to giving Bad Boys for Life a new lease on life, and an updated release date and new director will be announced in the near future. Until then, fans will just have to cross their fingers and hope for the best.

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Source: Coming Soon

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