Joe Carnahan In Talks To Write & Direct 'Bad Boys 3'

Bad Boys Movie Wallpaper

Sony Pictures - like all of Hollywood - is looking to continue focusing on major, established franchise IPs with the goal of bringing more lucrative event-style films to theaters. Spectre continues the James Bond saga this fall, following up on the $1 billion megahit Skyfall, and Sony is aiming to re-bid to maintain distribution rights on future installments. And while Sony partners with Marvel Studios to help save and relaunch another lucrative license in Spider-Man, they're also trying all sorts of ways to continue and expand upon other hits such as 21 Jump Street, Ghostbusters and Men in Black.

We can also add to that the Bad Boys series which began in 1995 and kickstarted Michael Bay's career as a director. Hollywood super producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the man responsible for discovering Bay, has been slowly developing Bad Boys 3 for over half a decade and now Sony is actively moving on it, and may have found a director on Joe Carnahan.

The goal, according to the trades today, is to have the project ready to shoot as the next Will Smith vehicle once he finishes production on Warner Bros./DC Entertainment's Suicide Squad which is currently shooting in Toronto. And the Bad Boys 3 script they have from David Guggenheim (Safe House) may be rewritten by Joe Carnahan, who's reportedly in talks to direct the feature, although it sounds like he didn't want these "talks" to become public so soon:

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