The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Clarifies Accidental Shade Thrown at Hannah Brown

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron

The Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron denies throwing shade at former-Bachelorette star Hannah Brown. Cameron clarifies the accidental diss. He went to Twitter to clear up the misunderstanding.

Cameron was one of the contestants vying for Brown's heart on the latest season of The Bachelorette. He made it to top two before Brown broke the news to him during his proposal speech that he wasn't the one, then accepted Jed Wyatt's proposal. Just five weeks later, Brown called off the proposal, and at the live portion of The Bachelorette finale, she asked Tyler out for drinks. The pair got those drinks, just days after The Bachelorette finale aired, and Cameron was seen leaving Brown's place in Los Angeles early the next morning. Fast-forward a few days, Cameron is spotted hanging out with supermodel and Vogue cover girl Gigi Hadid in Brooklyn, New York, where they were spotted getting into the same vehicle that took them back to Hadid's apartment. The pair have been inseparable ever since, and Brown has been very open about the struggle of falling in love being heartbroken and vulnerable.

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Apparently, there was a mix-up, when Cameron claims he accidentally liked a comment of someone saying that he was throwing shade at the former Bachelorette. The runner-up immediately went to Twitter to right the wrong through a series of tweets. He tweeted on September 4th that he just now realized that he had accidentally dissed his ex. He wrote, "Someone DM’d me something that I liked a comment that said I was throwing shade at HB and I must say that is a complete accident." He went on to explain two reasons why he would have never purposefully liked a comment like that. The tweet continued, "For 1 I am very selective for what I like. 2nd, that girl deserves no shade and nothing but success. She empowers women and deserves all the accolades." tweetFans can see the full below.

He then went on to give his ex only compliments, writing, "She empowers women and created so much conversation on how women should be treated." Referring to her time on The Bachelorette when she was confronted with one contestant, Luke Parker, sex-shaming her in front of the whole nation - which turned out to be one of the most dramatic scenes in the whole season. Cameron continued on, "I am grateful for our time together and all that I learned from her." He then explains himself about using the word "clarity" that Brown used so often in search of "Mr. Right." Cameron explained, "Made a joke about “clarity” because that was such a hot topic from the show." The fan-favorite former contestant on The Bachelorette explained how much respect he has for Brown and her family, saying, "Will always support HB and her family... Will never take away from her and her family. Amazing people."  Then he wrote about how he doesn't have time for that sort of negativity in his life, writing in his concluding tweet, "Way to [sic] grateful for any shade in my life. All love on my end."

The well-loved contestant, who broke the hearts of fans by moving on so quickly with his new supermodel, has proved that although they weren't right for each other at the moment, that he still will continue to stand by her and support her in her decisions - and most importantly never would intentionally diss her. Even though the pair have successfully broken each others' hearts, they still continue to show respect for each other.

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