The Bachelorette: Every Season Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

The popular female-fronted reality dating show known as The Bachelorette is wrapping up its 15th season this month. Stocked with all sorts of new drama, everyone is staying on the edge of their seats as the finale quickly approaches. Looking back at all that's happened this season, and in ones passed, we asked ourselves which season is ranked the highest? We turned to Rotten Tomatoes for answers.

In order to receive a Tomatometer rating, a season of The Bachelorette needs at least five critic ratings. Because of this, seasons 1 through 6 have no official score. Luckily for us, seasons 7 through 15 do. Additionally, it’s worth noting that each score doesn’t necessarily reflect on how well each leading lady performed as the bachelorette. Rotten Tomatoes’ rating is based on everything, including the storylines, entire cast, and overall production. In other words, it doesn’t mean the bachelorette did anything wrong if her season is rated lowly.

It’s time to find out which season of The Bachelorette will receive the final rose and which ones will be headed home.

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9 Emily, Season 8 (33%)

Emily Maynard’s season of the bachelorette had her searching for love and a father-figure for her son, Ricki. Unfortunately, she didn’t end up with either having broken off her engagement to Brad Womack after filming ended.

Critics deemed her season to be stocked with a crazy cast of men who were difficult to sort through. Others called it boring and disliked the franchises’ decision to film in Emily's hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina rather than at the glamorous Bachelor Mansion in Los Angeles.

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While no one found the season particularly unique, there were viewers who still enjoyed it. They found themselves rooting for Emily and remained captivated by the show’s routine antics.

8 Rachel, Season 13 (33%)

While Rachel handled her season with a kind of maturity few before her had, critics of the season believed ABC overplayed the fact that she was the franchises’ first nonwhite bachelorette. People were also disappointed in the denouncement when they learned that Rachel chose the guy many of the viewers weren’t rooting for.

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Despite this, Rachel remains a popular voice in the Bachelor Nation even though her season is not a Tomatometer favorite. She's even providing commentary on the current Bachelorette season as a guest on morning show Strahan and Sara.

7 Kaitlyn, Season 11 (50%)

The first episode of Season 11 met criticism for putting the power back into the men’s hands by starting out with two bachelorettes that the suitors got to vote on. While this idea added a new twist to the show, it made things uncomfortable for everyone involved, with some guys having come only for the woman who was sent home.

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Kaitlyn became the bachelorette and later revealed she knew she would pick Shawn Booth from night one. Despite this, the season had its fair share of drama, leading to a split 50% rating amongst critics.

6 JoJo, Season 12 (57%)

JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette faced a mix of opinions. Some critics found it difficult to root for JoJo and winner Jordan Rodgers, believing many of the cast members needed to mature — but others found the season to be regularly entertaining.

Season 12 had its wildly dramatic moments and a handful of boring episodes, but that’s to be expected every season — right?

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Today, JoJo remains happily in a relationship with Jordan.

5 Ashley, Season 7 (60%)

Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette ended in an engagement that became a happy marriage. The feel-good conclusion was something viewers loved to see.

With men sending themselves home and others returning throughout the season, there was additionally a healthy dosage of drama. So while the season wasn’t a stand-out, it was entertaining and brought viewers a compelling story.

The couple has kids today and remains an active part of the Bachelor Nation.

4 Becca, Season 14 (63%)

Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette had her begging every suitor for honesty. Critics loved the sweet relationships, fun dates, and touch of cheesiness familiar to The Bachelor franchise. While the season served up a usual dose drama, it wasn’t anything over-the-top or unique — and for that, the season was not viewed as a stand out to some viewers.

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Although winner Garrett Yrigoyen found himself in the middle of a social media controversy after filming concluded, Becca didn’t leave him behind. He apologized at the end of the season and remains engaged to Becca.

3 Andi, Season 10 (83%)

Critics called bachelorette Andi Dorfman smart and sassy. Unfortunately, her guys didn’t get along and created a ton of drama outside of their relationship with her. While the ups and downs grew old quickly for some viewers, others stayed obsessed and left the season glowing reviews.

Dorfman ended up with former baseball player Josh Murray, but the couple broke up after filming had ended. That split was not a happy one.

2 Hannah, Season 15 (89%)

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown

Hannah's season of The Bachelorette is tearing up norms in more ways than one. For starters, she is fearlessly herself in every episode. Combining that with a cast of scandalous suitors, a villain that doesn't seem to ever leave, and twists that continue to surprise, makes this season a stand-out.

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While we're still a couple of weeks away from the finale, critics are loving how fresh this season has been so far. While not everyone is loving the casting choices, it has provided for one heck of a story.

1 Desiree, Season 9 (100%)

The highest-scoring season of The Bachelorette comes out on top with five positive professional reviews. While it had the lowest number of viewers to date at the time of its premiere, the critics seemed to like it.

Desiree wasn't a huge drama creator. While it might have made the season not as entertaining as some, it was still fairly consistent and it worked in her favor. She ended up marrying winner Chris Siegried in 2015 and the two now have a child together.

Season 9 probably isn't on top for all of Bachelor Nation, but as of now, Rotten Tomatoes has it leading.

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