No New Bachelorette Episode, Thanks To The NBA Finals

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That's right, there really is no new episode of The Bachelorette tonight, so don't worry that your cable guides or local listings have failed you, or that you missed recording a brand new chapter in Hannah Brown's quest for love. And it's the ongoing NBA Finals that fans have to thank for the delay.

The delay couldn't have happened at a worse time, after the previous episode's cliffhanger suggested that the ongoing feud between Luke S. (the season's relative gentleman) and Luke P. (perhaps the least dedicated liar The Bachelorette has ever featured) would finally coming to a head. After possibly overhearing the men collectively chastising Luke P. for his deceit, Hannah decided to sit the two of them down to repeat their positions. Presumably, keeping Luke P. as the current villain of the season, and likely sending Luke S. home to bolster his rival's bodycount. Unfortunately, fans will need to wait another night to see it play out.

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While the outcome of this duel is easy for anyone to guess, the ongoing bout between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals means that The Bachelorette will air Tuesday, June 11th instead. This should hopefully be the only delay that strikes this season, which means Bachelor Nation can return to their regularly scheduled drama shortly. And the 'Luke vs. Luke' showdown can proceed as planned.

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The producers of The Bachelor may have lucked out with the delay, maintaining the suspense for another day... when the confrontation itself isn't expected to be all that entertaining. At least, not if viewers can expect more of Luke P.'s response to being caught in lies thus far--staring blankly, speaking slowly, before stating the opposite to be true (and Hannah taking his word for it, since she's made her feelings for him well known). That doesn't bode well for Luke S., but of the pair, it's the less honest/psychopathic contestant who is guaranteed to provide the most entertainment going forward. And for their part, ABC hasn't held back from showing more footage of Luke P. rage in teasers.

Improving Luke P.'s chances is the fact that the Bachelorette producers dismissed Tyler G. after becoming something of a frontrunner, with rumors of past relationships and troubling claims making it best for him to withdraw and return home. That leaves only Luke P. as an antagonist, after breaking out from the pack with a First Impression Rose, before throwing caution top the wind (along with the trust of his fellow suitors) by proclaiming his love for Hannah after mere hours together. After being told to back off by the Bachelorette herself, Luke P, resorted to attacking Luke S. during a rugby match--which has quickly been brushed aside as cause for concern. Not the most exciting villain in recent memory, but... effective enough to keep on for a few more weeks, at least.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesday, June 11th at 8pm, before returning to its regular broadcast schedule on ABC.

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