The Bachelorette’s Mike Johnson Was Fan’s Date at Semi-Formal Dance

The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson attends a semi-formal with a fan from the University of South Carolina and documents the experience on Instagram.

The Bachelorette- Mike Johnson

The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson might not be seeing Demi Lovato anymore, but that doesn't mean his dating life is boring. This past weekend, the reality star escorted one lucky fan from the University of South Carolina to her semi-formal dance. Documenting the experience on Instagram, Johnson said the unconventional evening was full of fun memories.

Johnson first made a splash in Bachelor Nation during Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. Fans immediately fell for his brutally honest personality, as well as his charming smile. Although Brown built a close relationship with Johnson, she eventually sent him home, claiming that they were better off as friends. Johnson then appeared on the latest season of Bachelor in ParadiseAlthough he made a few interesting connections, he eventually left the beach alone. Following his unsuccessful time on the beach, Johnson was a fan favorite to start in the next season of The Bachelorbut he was passed over in favor of the franchise's new leading man, Peter Weber. But Johnson's dating woes weren't done yet. He started seeing singer Demi Lovato, only for the relationship to fizzle out soon after it started. Johnson, however, hasn't allowed his poor luck to get him down. Over the past weekend, he tried his hand at dating again, this time with a fan of the franchise.

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In a video posted to his Instagram, Johnson showed himself meeting up with a very excited fan from the University of South Carolina. "Last night I went to my FIRST EVER semi-formal and surprised a sweet young woman who has had a rough year," Johnson captioned the post. "After that we had laughs and created fun memories!" In the video, Johnson holds a single red rose as he hugs a very shocked young woman. The fan can't seem to believe what's happening. She exclaims "Oh my!" over and over before jumping up and down in excitement. After the initial introduction, Johnson and his date greeted the rest of the formal attendees, where the pair was met with excited screams and plenty of cell phone cameras to capture the moment.

Although the evening with a fan can't be considered a real date, it's also the first Johnson has talked about his dating life since his relationship with Demi Lovato ended. Although the pair made it clear that they weren't serious, Johnson later admitted that he shouldn't have been so forthcoming about their romance. In the weeks following their split, Johnson said that he plans to keep his romantic life private from now on, and that he regrets talking so openly about his time with Lovato.

Given Johnson's more tight-lipped approach to his dating life, a meetup with a fan might be all we'll get out of the star for a while. While the details surrounding this arranged date are unclear, it's obvious that Johnson's attendance meant a lot to the woman he met. It was a nice moment full of plenty of smiles and laughs. Not only that, it was also a perfect example of why Bachelor Nation loves Johnson so much. His giving and thoughtful personality really struck a cord with viewers, and his post-show behavior continues to prove that he really is the incredibly kind man everyone thinks he is.

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