Hannah Brown Opens Up About Letting Go After Tyler Cameron/Gigi Hadid Date

Hannah Brown in The Bachelorette finale

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown opened up about letting go after Tyler Cameron took supermodel Gigi Hadid on a date. She posted an indirect message to Tyler on her Instagram story.

Hannah had a wild ride on The Bachelorette, as she ended up with finalists Jed Wyatt and Tyler. She ultimately chose Jed, but, unbeknownst to her, he had betrayed his then-girlfriend in order to come on the show, promising the show was only to help his music career. When the news broke about Jed's past, they were already five weeks into the engagement; Hannah broke it off and immediately gave him back his ring. Then, at the live portion of The Bachelorette finale, Tyler came on the show, and she asked him out for a drink. Just two days later, Tyler was photographed leaving Hannah's place in Los Angeles the next morning. However, just three days later, he was spotted in New York with Hadid. The pair got in the same SUV and headed to Gigi's apartment.

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After Tyler and Gigi's evening together, they were spotted having a second date at a bowling lounge in New York City. According to ETHannah opened up about how she feels about Tyler spending the night with Hadid. She posted a quote on her Instagram Stories that read: “Trusting yourself to release what was and grow into what is deserves to be celebrated. Your ability to let go & accept is a superpower.” She then took it another step further by posting a picture of her flipping off the camera with her ring finger, wearing a red Ring Pop. Check out the image below:

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown Instagram Story

On the picture, she added a Lizzo song, citing "Truth Hurts" as "her anthem." The breakup song can be assumed to have been aimed directly at Tyler. The remainder of her story is her enjoying a night out with girlfriends. As for Tyler, producers have reportedly been considering having him on the next season of The Bachelorand Hannah had mentioned she wasn't sure how she felt about that, considering the history they have - but she said she would support him no matter what.

It seems that with Tyler enjoying the single life, spending nights with Hannah and Gigi all in the same week, could be a huge factor in considering him to be The Bachelor or not. The fact that Tyler seems to be enjoying the single life and looks like he's not ready to settle into marriage seems like he's proving the latter. Tyler's future with The Bachelor and with Gigi may be uncertain, but one thing is certain for former The Bachelorette star Hannah - she will be working on herself and enjoying the single life.

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Source: ET

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