Bachelorette Hannah Brown Not Surprised Peter Weber’s Bachelor Promo Featured the Windmill

Dancing With the Stars' Hannah Brown isn't surprised Peter Weber's promo for The Bachelor references the famous windmill from her Bachelorette season.

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Former The Bachelorette star and current Dancing With the Stars contestant, Hannah Brown isn't at all surprised about the inclusion of her famous windmill moment in Peter Weber's promo for the upcoming season of The BachelorA callback to her overnight date with Weber on her season of The Bachelorette, the windmill represented a major turn of events on Brown's season. However, it also created a brand new look for Weber, combining his sweet and gentle nature with an underlying sexual prowess.

For the most part, Brown's season of The Bachelorette revolved around her toxic relationship with frontrunner Luke Parker. Despite their many arguments over the course of the season, Parker made it all the way to overnight dates, where things between him and Brown finally fell apart. When Parker implied that he would dump Brown if she slept with other men, Brown revealed that she had sex in a windmill not once, but twice during an overnight date with Weber earlier that week. Later, during the finale, Brown admitted that she was dishonest at that moment. Brown told the audience, "I did say there was something Peter and I did twice. It was actually four times." It's with this admission that firmly established the windmill as the most iconic moment of the season.

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The appeal of the windmill to the Bachelor Nation audience isn't lost on producers. While creating Weber's promo for his upcoming season, producers capitalized on the moment by showing Weber exiting a windmill holding a single red rose. When asked about the moment following a recent performance on Dancing With the Stars, Brown told Entertainment Tonight"I don't know. It was a memorable moment, I think, for everyone, so they had to put it in the promo." Brown seems entirely undisturbed about the inclusion of what was once a private interaction, which shouldn't be entirely shocking considering the candidness with which she spoke about it on her own season.

Brown also had a bit of advice to offer Weber regarding his upcoming season. Although she admitted that guidance was "really hard for me to give," she eventually focused on Weber's relationship with his winner after the cameras were gone. Brown said, "I think it's just taking those moments to really get to know the person without the cameras and to make sure that you're really vulnerable and honest with each other." She went on to explain that the time after the show is when you should focus on building your relationship, in order to confidently move forward with something that's supposed to last for the rest of your life. Brown continued, "Just because the show ends, doesn't mean that's the ending." She revealed, "You really need to understand what your relationship is, and I hope that his is a fairy tale and something he's always been looking for." 

While the windmill moment may feel embarrassing to some, Brown turned an awkward confession into something to be proud of. Although she initially spoke about her relationship with Weber in an attempt to get Luke Parker to leave, she fully embraced her statement in the aftermath of the explosive The Bachelorette episode, even adding more information for curious fans. It only follows that she would then be completely comfortable with windmill references on Weber's own season. While the windmill jokes may become a grating gag for viewers, Brown seems to have no problem allowing Weber to capitalize on their intimate relationship, just as she once did.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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