Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown Jokes About Her Tabloid Romance & Getting Unengaged

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown May Join Dancing with the Stars

Last season's Bachelorette star - and current Dancing with the Stars contestant, Hannah Brown made jokes about the wild year she's had with The Bachelorette, getting engaged then un-engaged, and all of the tabloid drama that comes with it. She at least still has her sense of humor about being unlucky in the love department.

Fans watched on during season 15 of The Bachelorette as this pageant queen and former The Bachelor star searched for love. She had a lot of connections and plenty of scandals in her season. Brown had to pick between the final two - Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. It came out in the tabloids that Wyatt hadn't broken up with his previous serious girlfriend before going on the show, insisting going on the show was only to help promote his career and not for love. After Brown had made her decision and told Cameron that he wasn't the one - mid-proposal speech - she then went on to get engaged with Wyatt. After five weeks of being engaged, she heard the news that her fiancé was hiding a big secret and she immediately dumped him. At the second half of The Bachelorette finale, during the live segment, she had decided to give Cameron a second chance as she asked him out on a date. Days after, Brown got those drinks (and more), as Cameron was spotted leaving her apartment the next morning.

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In a Cosmopolitan segment called "Expensive Taste Test," they put the former Bachelorette to the test to see just how expensive her taste is. They film her as she is tested between a high-end product and it's the cheap counterpart. As Brown was trying out the champagne, she realizes she prefers the $16 a bottle champagne over the $165 a bottle. She proceeds to alternate drinking the expensive and the cheaper champagne. She ends up having a bit too much and ends up talking about her relationship woes. She drinks and says, "Y'all remember that one time I was engaged?" Brown, referring to her proposal from Wyatt that the whole nation saw on The Bachelorette. She continued, "Do you remember that one time I was un-engaged?" 

Brown continues to drink and goes through her timeline of relationship woes. She says, "Do you remember that one time when I asked another person out on a date?" Brown, who was referring to that infamous moment when she asked Cameron on a date, live, "on national television after I got unengaged." she added. She finishes both drinks, saying, "then ..." she stops herself and then plays coy, "just read tabloids."  Fans know what she means - there was her date night with Cameron in the tabloids and then Cameron was spotted with supermodel Gigi Hadid just days after - causing a lot of scandal in Bachelor Nation.

The former Bachelorette star has proved that although she's had a lot of trouble in the relationship department, she's been able to joke about it. It hasn't always been that easy for her, as she opened up on Instagram about going through a lot of changes in her life. She's been very open about her life post-Bachelorette and it looks to fans that she's moving on from the heartbreak the show has brought her.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

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